YMMV / The Beastmaster

The film

  • Complete Monster: Maax was the High Priest of Aruk prior to being banished by King Zed, who learned Maax was planning to sacrifice Zed's unborn son. In retaliation, Maax ordered his witch servants to magically extract the infant from his mother's womb and kill him anyways. The unfortunate queen is killed and the infant prince, Dar, only survives because local villagers rescued him. Years later, Maax led the Juns in conquering Aruk, blinding and imprisoning Zed. Maax presides over brutal oppression of the kingdom, regularly sacrificing children to his god, Ar. He wipes out Dar's village, leading him into conflict with Dar himself. When Dar enters Maax's prison to free Zed, he discovers that Maax has innocent people tortured and transformed into mindless beasts to serve as his guards. Maax later attempts to have Zed, his young son, and his cousin Kiri sacrificed to Ar. He then taunts Zed by revealing Dar is his son before killing him.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Kodo and Podo, mostly due to their cuteness.
  • Memetic Mutation: The film's regular scheduling during the early days of HBO caused a joke that the channel's name stood for "Hey, Beastmaster's On."
  • Nightmare Fuel: The people turned into wild madmen with glowing green eyes, the birdmen who eat by wrapping their wings around people, and only bones are left.
    • Maax has such control over his priests that he can force them to commit suicide by hanging themselves with just one look. Even Zed is freaked out.
    • In the second movie, when Arklon betrays his Dragon, she curses after him as he drives away, screaming "May tarantulas grow in your mouth!" She's a witch, so it happens. It's played for laughs as Arklon makes a face and then spits them out, but it's still insanely gross.
  • The Scrappy: Jackie. Apparently we wouldn't understand she was from the present day unless every single line she says featured a forced pop culture reference.
  • Sequelitis: Both sequels are considered to be pretty terrible, although the third one is commonly felt to be a little better than the second.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The second sequel.
  • Tear Jerker: Kodo's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Also the death of Dar's dog.
  • Too Cool to Live: Dar's adoptive dad. A Cool Old Guy and Badass Bystander extraordinaire with a dash of Badass Normal, he singlehandedly kills one of Maax's witches despite her being more powerful than him, teaches his adopted son to fight, and is the first of the townspeople to tell the Juns to Bring It.