YMMV / The Awesome Slapstick

  • Base Breaker: His retooled personality as of Avengers The Initiative. Some see it as a realistic view of someone who's jaded with years of being a screwball hero in a dark universe. Most fans of his older series hate the fact that his personality took a complete 180 and effectively turned him into the very character type he was created to mock. It gets worse in Deadpool's 2015 series where his character was reduced to "violent and gritty because he lacks a penis."
  • Crazy Awesome: What else can you call a living clown cartoon who stops an interdimensional invasion with a mallet, defeats a rampaging vigilante by kissing him on the lips, foils a five-year-old Mad Scientist with a spanking, stops a rampaging irradiated nuclear bum (no, that's not a typo) with a cup of coffee, and dumps a bucket of water on Ghost Rider's flaming head?