YMMV / The Arrival

The 1996 film
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: It could be the taxi driver had not figured out Zane's disguise. He may have just been asking "Are you sick? You don't look well. Do you want me to call a doctor?", in which case he was actually being nice at the time - to a fellow alien.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Fans of the original film just kind of ignore the sequel.

The 2006 Comic book
  • Nightmare Fuel: This story is a surreal allegory/metaphor of the immigrant experience, including the bad stuff.
    • The things some of the immigrants were running away from. The main character and his family are trying to escape their city that's being overrun by spiky tentacle things, and later another immigrant tells of his homeland, which is beset by giants armed with vacuum hoses that suck people up into incinerator tanks on their backs.
  • Tear Jerker