YMMV / The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

  • Canon Sue: Are we seriously expected to believe Roz, the leader of a new third party with nowhere near the level of mainstream establishment and acceptance of Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, can somehow manage a feat that has not been achieved since the 1935 election and gain a majority of votes? Without overall turnout plummeting so drastically so as to reach Futurama levels of apathy? And that's not even getting into the gigantic absurdity of the seat distribution. The UK is not that kind of landslide country - even Labour took seven elections and 23 years to first ascend to minority government, and they have not fallen under 200 seats since their 1935 loss, making Roz's insta-majority look stupidly contrived and so unrealistic as to make the plot look like it takes place in an alternate universe where Reality is Out to Lunch.