YMMV / The Alphabet Killer

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Since the film did so poorly with the critics and the box office, it is most notable for many fans as the first time Eliza Dushku had a topless scene.
  • Complete Monster: The Alphabet Killer, Richard Ledge, is the pedophilic psychopath responsible for the film's events. Having kidnapped, then brutally raped and murdered a little girl, he became infatuated with police detective Megan Paige, and, to prove her theory that a serial killer was targeting children with alliterative names, he raped and murdered two more girls who matched Paige's theory. When Paige discovers his identity, he beats her before trying to drown her in a raging river. Evading capture by the film's end, he leaves Paige to rot in a mental institution while he presumably goes on to rape and murder more children.