YMMV / The Aether

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire soundtrack.
    • "The Labyrinthe's Vengeance", the music for the Bronze Dungeon Final Boss from the upcoming Aether 2, is a terrifying but epic battle theme. To say it's desperate is an understatement, but that's nothing to say of how fitting the name is. It's almost like the Slider remembers you and is out for payback for all his previous defeats.
      • Which unfortunately has been Jossed as being the reason behind the Slider's hatred of you.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Slider. It NEVER STOPS CHASING YOU.
    • There is quite a bit more Nightmare Fuel in the Aether 2. For example, the Sentry Guardian's mooks have a variation that causes the Nausea affect and makes it so you literally cannot look away.
    • Also in the Aether 2, Zephyrs are smaller and only hover over land. Mostly a good thing, considering how annoying they were before. But if they spawn at night, they are dark versions that fire explosive charges of lightning. Even worse, they can live in daylight, so if you've been in the Aether for more than a day, you can get ganged up on by day and night Zephyrs. The Paranoia Fuel is strong with this one.
      • Oh, and the night versions are called "Tempests".
  • The Scrappy: Zephyrs are generally hated amongst the community. Try to find a person who's dealt with them who DOESN'T think they're annoying. YOU WILL FAIL.