YMMV / Thayer's Quest

  • First Installment Wins: Thanks to Dyer who thought the original Thayer's Quest was 'too 70s' and also rehashed it into Kingdom: The Far Reaches, with more cheesy audio, more cheesy name replacements (including Thayer, who became prince Lathan), even more cheesy intro which sets you not to fight against Torlock, but rather with the greedy ruler of Kingdom of Iscar, as well as more cheesy navigation method.
    • No wonder why this wasn't released in the arcades... Even the DVD version tries to mock the original cut...
    • On the other hand, Shadoan is a straight sequel to this rehashment... where you finally fight Torlock, yay!
  • Narm: Some in Thayer's Quest, loads in The Far Reaches.
    • Instant example: when you visit Torlock's throne room (no, not ex-Sorsabal's):
      Torlock: Saw, yunn pop, yuffound mah chambers. Gods, dreow him to tze bists! It wille emmuse mah cohrtiars! GWEEE!! har har!
    • And when you kill him...
      Thayer: I'm sorry, I have no choice.
      Guard: (definitely something that would fit Shaggy) For ten years I've been waiting to see this, thank you friend!
  • Nightmare Fuel: One of the more violent death scenes include Thayer in several stages of decomposition before finally turning into a skeleton.
    • Most of the death scenes were, in fact, disturbingly gruesome.