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YMMV: Tezakia Quest
  • Ending Fatigue
  • Fridge Brilliance - Sekani realizes the Ki-Jaara are Majibeasts
  • Fridge Logic - Amiel and Sekani were just under a cold shower, so instead of going outside to the desert, they sit inside being cold. Lampshaded as well
    • Justified, as Amiel would have melt with embarassment if someone saw her like that.
  • Funny Moments - FUCK YOU CLOTH!
    • But yes. The male has the baby.
    • Ponder when you developed ADD
    • Sekani getting stuck in a small space
      • Twice
    • The entire slumber party. Especially the end of Awkard Twister.
  • Heartwarming Moments - When Amiel and Sekani hug after they're done telling each other their pasts
    • Sekani gets one when he realizes he needs Amiel because he believes he's turning into a monster
      • He gets yet another one when he completes his transformation
    • The Group Hug
    • Jiniki trying to transport a severely wounded Amiel over to a medic
    • Tayza going super majicka
    • Tayza and Sekani resolving their differences
    • Everyone hugging Dilia despite the fact that she's wearing anti-majicka clothes
  • Moment Of Awesome - When Amiel kills a Majibeast for the first time
    • Sekani firepunching Iiji
    • Jiniki going super majicka
    • Amiel stopping Iiji from taking her over
      • She gets another one when she rips off Iiji's tentacles
  • Moral Event Horizon - Dilia tries to kill Amiel
    • Amiel almost crosses it when she nearly kills Jiniki
    • Iiji, when she (nearly) kills her own daughter, Jiniki
  • Nightmare Fuel - The mutation into a Majibeast
    • There's a giant spider that mind controls people. Even her own daughter
    • Amiel while she's corrupt
  • Scrappy Mechanic - The way you're supposed to command Sekani's fire majicka
  • Shocking Swerve - The desert is gone, and they're now on an island in the middle of nowhere
  • Squick - Amiel's and Dilia's reaction to Jiniki shedding. We don't get to see it.
  • Tear Jerker - Sekani encounters a dead baby Tezakian, which causes him to get very angry and transform wildly. It doesn't help that he told Amiel to leave and the fact that there was a flashback to when Sekani hugged Amiel
  • Wangst - Amiel and Sekani continuously angst that they are now monsters
  • The Woobie - Sekani and Amiel
    • Dilia as well

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