YMMV / Tex Murphy

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Several examples.
    • The NSA renaming itself the National Surveillance Agency seems almost prophetic in light of the 2013 leaks.
    • There's a gag in The Pandora Directive about Archie Ellis refering Tex to a reference book about UFO conspiracy theories which states at least one American President being a secret alien. Tex later declares, "It had to have been Clinton. Now SHE was an alien!". Fast forward twenty years after the game was made to 2016...
  • Sequel Displacement: There were many who thought the franchise began with Under A Killing Moon, which was actually the third game in the series.
  • That One Level: Several examples.
    • The lava maze room in the Mayan Temple on Day Nine in Gamer Mode of The Pandora Directive. It's bad enough to navigate once. It's even worse if you get through it and realize you forgot to pick up one of the items you need for the end of the game in the first half of the temple. To the game's credit, it won't let you advance to the final room without the needed items. The bad news is this means you have to go through the maze two more times like this Let's Play author did.
    • The art gallery in J. Saint Gideon's mansion of Overseer. There's a pattern to which parts of the floor are effected by an "Instant Death" Radius effect and there's no visual cues to help you with the timing. You just have to memorize the pattern and hope for the best.
    • The Tesla Institute in Tesla Effect. Between the giant flies in The Atrium and the mines on the floor, it's incredibly easy to wind up seemingly dying for no apparent reason. And then there's the giant spider in the maze...