YMMV: Tetsuya Nomura

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Reportedly, Nomura was considering making Final Fantasy XV a musical, after seeing Les Miserables . Rather he was joking, or serious, we cannot tell.
  • Detractor Nickname: "Tetsuckya". Sometimes lengthened to "Tetsuckya Nomorea".
  • Scapegoat Creator / Mis-blamed: Somewhat acceptable with Kingdom Hearts, after all he does direct the games and write the story, although he's not the sole writer for that. With Final Fantasy though, he mostly only does the character designs and artwork. Nonetheless, it's common to blame anything amiss in Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts on him. You can see on this very wiki how epic some of the Scapegoating is.
    • He also hasn't helped by having Mis-blamed himself. To be fair he does have a lot of pull in the company, for some pretty obvious reasons, but he's definitely not the defining voice of their products.