• Anticlimax Boss: Quite a few. Most of the named quest mobs can be soloed easily and the solo instance quests group the player with NPCs so monstrously powerful that they would be able to finish the quest on their own if their AI was a bit more competent. Thulsa is the biggest example. Despite being the main antagonist of the story his divine form only has standard crab BAM melee attacks. His right hand woman Akasha and later ally Killian at least have unique wipe moves.
  • Base Breaker: Yeah, an MMO as popular as this tends to make polarizing decisions...:
    • Thanks to the Reaper class being limited to just the Elin race (while also requiring a level 40 character to even create one in the first place), there are players that feel like the Elin get too much attention from the developers and don't believe that the In-Universe reason for why only the Elin can become Reapers is enough of a justification for the class to be race locked.
    • Similarly, more classes were eventually released, and like the Reaper class, were also locked to specific race and gender combinations. The fact that the new classes have been locked to female characters is either seen as progressivenote  or pandering and/or annoying, particularly among players who prefer to play as male characters.
    • Quite a few of the costumes available for players to purchase have a strange effect on the female Amani (and only them): these costumes have a tendency to make the female Amani's normally tree trunk-like legs (that end in what are basically clawed "elephant" feet) into much more slender, feminine-looking legs, which ends up making them look odd. Needless to say, this caused some amount of backlash, especially from fem!Amani players.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: If there's one thing a person who doesn't play the game knows, it's probably about the Elins. Otherwise, people are generally more aware of it as a ridiculously sexy-looking game where the majority of the female characters wear really Stripperific outfits.
  • Spiritual Licensee: This game is considered the closest thing to a Sword Art Online MMORPG.