YMMV: Tenshi Na Konamaiki

  • Foe Yay: Megumi/Keiko; Keiko describes Megumi as "So beautiful that she can capture your soul." Megumi also had a moment with Keiko that her friends assumed was Megumi flirting with Keiko. The best part is that Megumi later says she was just telling the truth when she called Keiko a "Truly beautiful woman."
    • Keiko actually has a moment of angst when she realises she can't remember why she hates Megumi. Its eventually revealed to be that Keiko has an Inferiority Superiority Complex, feeling that she pales in comparison to Megumi, which may be a reaction to something else.
  • Les Yay: Megumi and Miki are very, very close and its pretty obvious that both are attracted to each other, much to the fanclubs worry.
    • When asked if they feel "that way" about each other, Megumi states clearly that, yes she does. Miki's answer is a bit more vague stating that Megumi is her "most important person on the planet"
    • Miki asks Megumi once if she's ever been attracted to a girl the question is poised in a way that makes it obvious she's thinking about herself. Then when some friends are taking a combatabilty test Megumi asks them if her and Miki are good as lovers, they are.
    • Megumi also seems to have no problem attracting other women such as Reiko, a thief, and Genzo's sister, Setsuka (and pretty much any woman who talks to her for more than two seconds) both love to hug and touch Megumi. Her classmate Chie even dicusses having sex with her.
    • Then there's Yoriko, Megumi's live in maid, who in one swift Les Yay-tastic move pushes Megumi down on a bed, it might have gone further but they were interupted by Megumi's father.
    • A small bit for Keiko and Yoshimi.
  • Mary Sue: Megumi is loved by everyone, those who hate her are evil. Evil people who love her have Pet the Dog moments to prove they're not that evil.
  • One True Threesome: Genzo and Megumi and Miki, supported in-canon, later you can add Kobayashi.
  • They Changed It So It Sucks: The general feeling people have of the animes last arc. The complete change from the manga left alot of people to feel as if none of the sub-plots got resolved. Others feel as if it ruined the whole message of the manga and anime by reestablishing the gender roles in the last episode.