YMMV: Tenchi Universe

  • Broken Base: Aside from fan reaction to the TV series in general (explained via the Flanderization trope on the main page), fan opinion on both the films is quite mixed. Is Tenchi Muyo! in Love a finely-written, well-paced action film with more of the OVA's charm inserted into it, or is it a boring retread of Back to the Future? Is Tenchi Forever! a subdued, dramatic masterpiece work in the Tenchi Muyo franchise, or is it too different in tone from the previous Tenchi fiction to the point where it loses what made the original memorable? And within Tenchi Forever!, are the revamped, more realistic character designs justified in that they fit the tone of the story better than the previous, stylized ones, or were the original character designs fine as-is and the redesigns are an unwarranted change? To say that debates cause headaches within the fandom to this very day would be a gross understatement. And that is all that we will say on that matter.
  • Ear Worm: The opening theme. So Goddamned hard.
  • Jerk Sue: Ryoko in this series is even worse than she was in the OVA and does some despicable things...
  • Ship Tease: Ayeka/Tenchi, more blatantly than any version of Tenchi Muyo!.