YMMV / Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Jack Black an Iconic, if hammy, baddass who does what he does for the rock? Or is he just fighting for his daddy's love the only way he can, through music, as suggested by "Baby" and "Sasquache"?
  • Awesome Music: The main reason to watch this movie. Especially "Beelzeboss".
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: the sasquatch scene.
  • Fridge Brilliance: JB agrees to put KG up as a bet for their rock-off with the devil...despite the Devil having said that he literally CANNOT decline a rock-off challenge. However in order to send Beelzeboss back to hell from whence he came. Jables HAD to strike a deal with him of some sort. There would've been nothing to gain from the challenge on either side, had Jables not offered Kyle's soul to Beelzeboss in the first place. Beelzeboss feed on the souls of the tormented. It literally was "the only way". If the D had won WITHOUT doing this, Beelzeboss would be loose on Earth and would have taken control of the world.
    • Seeing as Beelzeboss threatened that they would suck his cock for awakening him on to the mortal plane, JB actually AVOIDED sucking cocks in hell, by specifically offering Kage's soul in case they lost the challenge, where they'd be both literally fucked. And seeing as they won they don't NEED to go to the big rock-off anymore because they just saved the world with their rock, and Beelzeboss pays their rent now.
      • Unfortunately for them, they didn't actually win the rock-off, they just reflected Satan's attack with JB's guitar (a symbol of friendship between JB and KG. Yeah, symbolic stuff tends to do well against the supernatural). In a deleted scene, they mooch off of Lee after the events of the movie. Or maybe the guitar only reflected the attack because they had won; it's not really clear.
      • Symbolic indeed. The guitar's neck is covered in symbols and iconography from practically every major system of faith.
      • Sure they won. It's no coincidence that drums, amp effects, and backup vocals come out of nowhere in the middle of the song, even though all they have are their unamplified guitars and their own voices. They literally have the power of rock on their side, and maybe even a little help from The Big Man himself.
      • The song at the end of Beelzeboss is the song Tribute is a tribute to, think about it.
    • OK, OK. Jables is clearly the greatest Chessmaster the world has ever known. He gave the Devil his terms: either he could have taken his sorry ass back to Hell and pay their rent or he could take Kage back to Hell to be his little bitch. In accepting this arrangement, the Devil agreed to shell out about $300 or take home a brand spanking new, rotund personal sex slave and go back to Hell either way.
    • It makes perfect sense that Beelzeboss will live in "The city of fallen angels", as Dio put it
  • One-Scene Wonder: Meat Loaf as Jack Black's father and the song he sings in.
  • Strawman Has a Point: So, wait... rock and roll actually does come from the Devil?! JB's dad was right!
    • JB's dad was right about pretty much everything. He also said that rock would be a corrupting influence on JB, which JB blows off with "Rock is not the Devil's work! It's magical and rad!" By the time he's been living the rock lifestyle for years and learns that the Devil is in fact responsible for rock'n'roll, he thinks that's awesome and will do whatever it takes to snag that demonic power for himself.
      • Though if we want to get technical, the Pick of Destiny is actually a product of triumph over the Devil.
  • So Bad, It's Good: One of the very few examples that manages to pull this off intentionally.
  • Tear Jerker: The song "Dude (I Totally Miss You)" is pretty damn depressing for a comedy rock film.
  • The Woobie: KG has a couple short scenes in the movie designed to invoke this. One shows that he was bald as a kid and bullied for it, and another has a college kid throw a plastic cup at him after he bombs a performance. Bordering on Jerkass Woobie as he takes advantage of Jables for the first half of the movie, makes up stories to try to get with girls not half his age, and is a major slacker.