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YMMV: Templar Arizona
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: See: the quote and photo attached to this page, and the payoff of "Intermission: The Sincerists":
    Arthur: I've been sincere for years, eight or nine. And I just don't see people like you. I'm so pleased!
    Hazel: AR-THUR!
    Arthur: I would probably fuck you, but your face is atrocious. And there's that odor. Do you wash?
    Hazel: ...Yes.
    Arthur: Would not have guessed.
    Hazel: Th. Thank you for your honesty.
    Arthur: Mm. Can you get the check? I don't feel like paying.
  • Internet Backdraft: the cover of chapter three caused considerable amounts of this because it had the audacity to be bedecked with a naked man.
    • Who was it that said that line about Frankenstein, "It was met with universally hateful reviews upon publication because the author had the unbelivable gall to be a woman"?

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