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YMMV: Telltale Games
  • Creator Worship: Telltale gets this for bringing back the Adventure Game genre when it was declining.
    • This is especially apparent post-Walking Dead. Not that they don't deserve it, mind you.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: Telltale's games aren't very challenging. This is one of the most common complaints against them.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : Since Episode 5 of The Walking Dead Season 1, Telltale's episodes have gotten considerably shorter, hovering around the 90 minute mark where previously they often went over two hours. Fan response to the change has been less than enthusiastic.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games:
    • Averted. Telltale has made good games out of the licenses that they bought. Such as Bone and Back to the Future.
    • The Jurassic Park one is a bit more mixed. Some enjoyed it, others didn't.
    • Back to the Future gets this with established Telltale fans too, being the easiest, most cripplingly user-friendly game they've released to date. The plot and characters are very good, and the cinematography and graphics are some of their best yet, but the puzzles are almost non-existent, and this rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way.
    • They outdid themselves with Law & Order: Legacies - while each of the stories were interesting enough that they would have made pretty good episodes of the TV series, the mysteries and puzzles in all seven games were about as challenging as an Ace Attorney tutorial level. In addition, the graphics and voice acting were serviceable at best, with none of the actors from the series returning.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Telltale has admitted that they've got a big challenge ahead of them for Walking Dead Season 2, as Season 1's finale... well, to avoid spoilers, it set a lot up.

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