YMMV / Teeth

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: If you're pro-chastity and like your entertainment to be family friendly with wholesome morals in general, watching Dawn get sexually corrupted by her foul-mouthed misbehaving peers is likely to make this movie a revolting experience for you. If, on the other hand, you're into sleaze and skin flicks or just like stories in which Everyone Has Lots of Sex in general, you probably aren't going to enjoy watching guys getting their penises bitten off. Feminists won't much enjoy the Lifetime Movie of the Week feel of the movie, and the kind of women who do like Lifetime movies still aren't likely to enjoy the graphic violence and gore. Basically, any Target Audience this movie might have (save for a hyper-specific group of feminist horror fans who can look past the occasional bit of Unfortunate Implications) is not going to like certain aspects. As for those who don't fall into said category...
  • Bile Fascination:
    • ...This is the primary reason to check the film out. While far from a knock on the film's quality (it did incredibly well at Sundance), the subject matter and themes are so bizarre as to warrant this response from mainstream audiences.
    • Narm Charm is also a possibility, and any Rape and Revenge afficionado who's in a hurry to get to the "revenge" part might like to see this.
    "I haven't even jerked off since Easter!"
    • Dawn suddenly thinking about The Black Scorpion while trying to masturbate and being too scared to finish.
  • Critical Dissonance: The film was well-received by critics but was met with a more split reception from audiences, and only made around $2.3 million worldwide on an unknown budget.
  • Older Than They Think: Another example of a horror movie using a lesser remembered mythological idea and people not realizing it wasn't just made up for the film.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Baked into the script, since the Vagina Dentata has elicited fears of male castration since ancient times.