YMMV / Team Buddies

  • Awesome Music: Most of the game's soundtrack is made up of really catchy Rave music, such as the VR Training theme.
  • Cult Classic: The game didn't sell very well due to being released in the same year as the then-brand new PlayStation 2. However, those who did manage to play it have called it one of the last best PlayStation games ever made, and is currently rare and expensive to find online.
  • Demonic Spiders: Automatic turrets in Single Player. They'll automatically open fire on you when you get close to them, especially an issue if you have to destroy or get pass them. They can take a while to destroy depending on the weapon you have, and if there are a lot of them, you'll easily get overwhelmed. Sometimes, enemy teams will have them near their bases, but never your own, meaning they're capable of having more firepower than you ever will.
  • That One Attack: Any weapon that instantly hits you the moment they're used. To use them on enemies is very satisfying, but to have them used against you means that even retreating from them isn't a guarantee.
  • That One Level: Several examples for Single Player:
    • Camouflage Sabotage: You have to battle against two enemy teams to protect two fizzy pop factories that they threat to destroy. The problem is that while your team is unprepared at the start, the enemies are and each will bring a tank to blow you up with only a few seconds after the stage starts. Staying alive while protecting both factories is nothing short of Nintendo Hard.
    • Herdy Birdy, where you must escort 4 penguins from the North Pole to the South Pole. However, there are two enemy teams, several polar bears, most of the stage is explored on slippery ice, and the penguins won't be the best followers on top of that. Also, this is a Timed Mission. Many fans believe this to be the hardest mission for a reason. At least you're able to keep your unlockables and save progress even if you cheat.
    • Lava Palaver: Another Timed Mission where your base is destroyed, and you can only use a Medic to bring aliens called Ikemen to a transporter. But that's not all! Two Baddie teams are hunting you down, and there's lava everywhere. Which is bad because the Ikemen you're holding might randomly fall out of your grip into their demise. Finally, the teleporter can only take one Ikemen at a time and must be recharged with 4 lamps for each transport, with each being located on each of the 4 corners of the stage. You'll likely waste more time fighting off the Baddies and figuring out how to reach some of the Ikemen than you will saving them.
  • That One Boss: The MegaMech. The Final Boss of Single Player mode. You fight it on a level full of lava and automatic turrets, and if you get too close to him, it attacks you with several different weapons in the game at once. Damaging it constantly makes it release the 8 Baddies powering it, all ready to murder you with lasers. They can't be killed until the MegaMech itself is destroyed, and will eventually return to it a few seconds after being released from it. On top of that, it can recharge itself when its health gets low. So you have to destroy 4 towers that do this, but only after finding the right teleporter to reach them, and even then, the MegaMech can quickly rush over to squish you and carry you away from the towers, laughing at your expense before barraging you with more of its combined weapons. Even your Mission Control doesn't believe you can beat it. Have fun.
    • To rub some salt to your exhausted self, should you manage to beat the final boss, the ending consist of a black background with a Buddy outright told you "So you've won the game. What do you want, a medal or something? Get outta here." At least, you do have some goodies to play around with the versus mode, including bonus skins.