YMMV / Tara Duncan

YMMV from the books:

  • Romantic Plot Tumor : Starting with book 8, even Magister tends to forget world domination in favor of courting Selena. To the point, we will not even find out his secret identity...But the reader won't ignore anything about the fair amount of beta couples (Sparrow and Fabrice, Fafnir and Sylver, Mara and Archangel, Chem and Charm, Lisbeth and Various, Xandiar and Séné,Betty and a werewolf and later Jar, Jeremy and Sanhexia, just to name a few).
  • Seasonal Rot: Despite still published to this day, books were very popular until the The New '10s. Since then, even former fans started to complain about the Seasonal Rot from the 8th book on, the less and less believable "awesomeness" of the heroine, and Family-Unfriendly Aesop above. Seems like, as a result, all new projects of adaptation are abandoned by now- live-action adaptations, notably.

YMMV from the animated series:

  • Anvilicious: You would think Tara would stop being over-protective of Fabrice since the entire cast seems to have a constant urge to tell her to do so every five seconds. Ironically, it doubles as a Broken Aesop since the episode's conflict could have been avoided if Tara was more involved.