YMMV: Talisman

  • Ending Fatigue: The highly random nature of the game and the many pitfalls that can befall a particular character (death, losing all items/followers, reductions in stats, and random teleportation), some games can run several hours long before a player wins. The game manual even suggests alternate rules for determining who the winner is at the end of a set time limit for players who want to avoid this.
  • Game Breaker: With the City expansion in play, the Alchemist becomes by far the most powerful character, able to easily gain gold, and then instantly transform it into life or fate. The Bounty Hunter can also be a Game Breaker when paired with the Full Plate armor (at which point he has a fifty percent chance to automatically win any battle he loses), but that at least takes some doing. The most broken combo in the game, though, is the Scribe follower paired with any method of instantly replenishing spells (and there are many), effectively allowing a character to cast the same spell every turn. With spells like Time Lapse or Toadify in play, this pretty quickly decides the outcome of the game.