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YMMV: Tales of Destiny 2
  • Complete Monster: Barbatos Goetia was a former member of the Er'ther Army, who sold out his people to the Aetherians during the Aeth'er Wars so that he could be on the winning side. Due to the scale of the atrocities he committed, Barbatos's name was removed from history altogether. Following his resurrection by Elraine, Barbatos acts as her personal assassin, going after the heroes who saved the world from the resurrection of the Aethersphere and the superweapon Belcrant. In order to kill two of these heroes, Stahn and Rutee, Babartos uses a little boy as a hostage and threatens to kill him unless they drop their weapons. After they do so, Barbatos kills Stahn and cripples Rutee. Barbatos then tries to kill High Priestess Philia Felice and King Garr Kelvin of Phandaria, the latter of which he attempts to kill after crashing an airship into the royal castle as a distraction. When he returns with Elraine to the past, Barbatos encounters Dymlos, the old enemy who had killed him, and, in revenge, kidnaps a girl who's in love with Dymlos to use her as a hostage to force the weakened Dymlos to duel him. Utterly self-centered, Barbatos's ultimate goal and obsession is to force history to recognize him as a hero, even as he commits every evil deed imaginable and has no comprehension of what true heroism is.
  • Crazy Awesome: Harold borders on this. During one skit, she offers Loni some home-cooked food. Loni (correctly) guesses that she's spiked the food with paralysing powder so that she can drag his body off for experimentation, and eats some of Nanaly's food instead. Turns out, Harold knew he'd come to that conclusion and switched the plates.
  • Designated Villain: It's hard to deny that Fortuna wants to make a better world for people, or that Kyle wasn't trying to see the good in her argument, even if he didn't have to agree with it. On the other hand, Fortuna's not very sympathetic, and saying humans are helpless and that history should be destroyed isn't a very good approach to the discussion.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Barbatos is basically the Ensemble Darkhorse for all Tales villains.
    • Nanaly Fletch may also be a minor version of this, appearing/announced for spinoff games first before Kyle even appears/get announced. She even appeared overseas first out of all the cast. (She appeared as a cameo boss in Tales of the Abyss.)
  • Game Breaker - Harold's Crazy Comet spell and its extensions are very powerful. In To D 2, magic heavily outweighs physical attacks in terms of damage. Yeah.
  • I Knew It: Judas is Leon!
  • It Was His Sled: The fact that it is obviously Leon beneath that mask has been lampshaded and parodied quite a bit. Here are a few examples.
    • Heck, some dramas treat this as a Paper-Thin Disguise. one good one was when Stahn saw Leon (as Judas) and greeted him as Leon.
  • Mary Sue / Purity Sue: Reala dominates the plot and can do no wrong - basically the definition of a Mary Sue. While a handful of Tales heroines do have some Mary Sue traits, they're usually targets of Deconstruction that get substantial Character Development before the credits roll. Reala, however, plays them all totally straight.
  • That One Boss: Damn you, your freezing aura and your 100% deflect ability, Elraine. You only really have Loni for healing and it doesn't help that his AI tends to run in and get knocked back. Any time you close in on her, she'll freeze your combos dead on track.
    • Barbatos, the second and third time you fight him. Especially frustrating in the latter, because at around half-health he starts countering any offensive spells with one of his own, which is the only really effective way to damage bosses in the game.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Reala falls into this category as well, and even spreads it to other characters. She's a Sue without any deconstrucion, and the plot focuses on her so much, the other characters suffer for it.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Nanaly. Only one mystic arte, primarily focused on attacking, in a game where magic is considerably more buffed compared to others...people tend to ditch her when Harold comes along. A rather odd example, since Nanaly is actually beloved character-wise.
  • Uncanny Valley: Reala is a stick figure. Even with this game's art style, she looks weird. Her dress also makes her legs look much longer than they actually are and her torso look much smaller than it should be.

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