YMMV / Taking Lives

  • Complete Monster: Martin Asher aka James Costa is a drifter Serial Killer who travels around the country to kill people who physically resemble him. Then he assumes their identities to continue his murder spree elsewhere. He's been doing this for at least two decades before the police pick up on his trail again. He murders his own mother by sawing off her head for giving the cops information on him. Using his fake persona, he starts an affair with the detective investigating his case, impregnating her with twin boys in the process, or so he thinks. When she later refuses him, he stabs her in her belly with a pair of scissors.
  • Evil Is Sexy: In case you had any doubt, evil is sexy — as we see from the movie poster.
  • Ho Yay: The movie opens with a bit of this. And there's a lot of it between Sutherland and Hawke. What is he talking about?