YMMV / Take That

  • Americans Hate Take That: The USA was the one market they failed to crack. They had one hit there, but then their breakup screwed everything and they vanished from the American consciousness. This was the first in a long line of apathetic reactions towards U.K. boy bands in America since New Kids on the Block codified the "modern" boy band concept. The only British boy band who successfully broke through has been One Direction.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The performance of Love Ain't Here Anymore on the Ultimate Tour DVD. Gary ends the song by himself, triumphantly hitting the final note as a sold out Manchester City Stadium cheers him on. Knowing that just a few months before, he couldn't go out in public without a disguise because he'd been ridiculed in the media and for so long (to the point where he wanted to be anyone but himself) makes you realize just how dramatically things had turned in Gary's favor.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "The Flood".
  • Ho Yay: A whole lot of it. Even more of it. Yeah. Add to that the somewhat Hi-NRG nature of a sizable part of their oeuvre, occasionally with some more sensitive but no less homoerotic music videos it's no wonder this band can be considered the gayest band that isn't actually gay. Let's also include Robbie Williams' and Gary Barlow's tribute to Brokeback Mountain.
    • Not an actual example within the band, but their song "Love Love" was written specifically for the movie ''X-Men: First Class', and it adds a whole new layer of Ho Yay to an already Ho Yay filled flick.
    • The Manchester concert. This troper wasn't there but her anti-Yaoi friend was and even she saw it. And liked it. Apparently it involved tight trousers and butt-groping. Yay.
  • The Woobie: After Take That broke up in 90s, Gary Barlow had some initial success as a solo act before being overtaken by Robbie Williams who then used his popularity to very publicly savage Gary. Gary became the music media's favorite whipping boy and the music industry then turned their backs on him. He completely withdrew from public life due to the humiliation and subsequently gained a large amount of weight from stress eating. It got to the point that Gary couldn't even submit songs for other artists in his own name, only for record companies to enthusiastically accept them when he used a pseudonym. Since the reunion and a public reexamining of how Gary had been treated, he turned into the Iron Woobie due to how he managed to move on from what he called the 'wilderness years' with seemingly no ill will to those who made fun of him and ignored him and even went on to reconcile with Robbie Williams leading to the original Take That line up going on a record breaking tour.