YMMV / Takeshi Kovacs

  • The Lost Lenore: Sarah Sachilowska seems to be this for Kovacs during Woken Furies. Her execution note  at the hands of religious extremists after she flouted their rules in an attempt to re-sleeve her daughter sent him on a year-long Roaring Rampage of Revenge whose ferocity astonishes even Virginia Vidaura. After Sarah's death, Kovacs grows even more cynical than before and focuses on nothing beyond his revenge. The fact that Woken Furies (and therefore the trilogy as a whole) ends on a hopeful note, with Kovacs seeming to give up on his vendetta and privately hoping that the ultra-advanced Martian technology that Sylvie Oshima can communicate with will one day be able to locate the cortical stacks belonging to Sarah and her daughter so they can be re-sleeved would seem to provide more evidence for this.
    • It is also revealed that the fact that she became involved with another man after getting out of storage was one of the main reasons why he left Harlan's World for Sanction IV, although she was alive for at least part of his time there. This is an example of Takeshi being a Hypocrite given his own involvement with Kristan Ortega.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Takeshi often achieves this since his refusal to believe in anything but Quellist doctrines (that are basically angry at everything and everyone) makes him sneer at bad and good characters equally. He's also prone to actions which frequently kill morally gray characters on behalf of other ones.