YMMV / Taiko Drum Master

  • Nightmare Fuel: Joubutsu2000. The lyrics itself are about a man giving up and gaining peace before his death. Hear a woman speaking 'Trois', 'Sept', 'Cinq', 'Six', 'Quatr'? "3,7,5,6,4" in Japanese sounds like 皆殺し, which means "kill everyone". That crackling noise near the end? It's the sound of an incinerator, like those you see in a mortuary.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Once you reach the apex of a song, your little drum character starts dancing "The Monkey"... and it's absolutely adorable!
  • That One Attack: There are so many candidates of this trope that it'd be a pain to write all of them so here are some examples (Might update later on):
    • "Rotter Tarmination"'s Ura Oni Chart. That particular part scrolls at 400, then a whopping 800 BPM. Before finally ending with an impossible balloon note (You'll need 766 rolls for that)
    • "Suuhaa 2000" can caught any first-timers off guard. The song itself starts of pretty calm, although if you look at the speed either Don or Katsu (Depends on which drum you play as; Left for Don and vice versa) is "dancing", you'll see how fast this song actually is. Up to the 301st note, it's pretty easy. The madness after that will prove that this ain't easy shit. The latter half of the notes left is crammed into a period of 30 seconds or so.