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Trope that may or may not be found in the webcomic:

  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: G'nignah Edahs P'mal. Naturally, he lampshaded his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • In the Seven Stones Arc, Velias. Sure, she kept clinging onto the Distress Ball and running with it, and sure, her Action Girl traits were Informed Attributes but that didn't mean that she deserved to be sacrificed as part of a ritual to appease the spirit Ghamr.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Google-hime really as benevolent as she appears? Sure, she called Trope-tan to help fight OREZ, but she also called Dab Gib himself, a man who called upon the armies of the Underworld to destroy New Trope City. Adding fuel to the fire is that she claims to not hate anyone, but Doog of all people claims that she is not to be trusted. Her heartwarming smiles don't help either. All in all, she is a very mysterious character.
    • For that matter, Doog himself. His actions in Western Zodiac made me think... Is he really a benevolent leader? Or a cold, calculated Chessmaster who's willing to do anything if it benefits him?
      • In fact, Kaliyah doesn't trust him. Neither does Kaida.
  • Anti Climax Boss: After a seven strip long Training Montage, a Lock and Load Montage, and a pretty narrow fight against Hyperspace Whirly, the Team Report discovers that Hyperspace Eddie only wants to talk.
  • Anvilicious: "Fictionite should never be made into frisbees."
  • Awesome Ego: Teller; he's arrogant, condescending, rude, and an all around Jerkass....but damn if he's not cool.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Gale. The Dark Age author created him to serve as a Manic Pixie Dream Guy for Retrope. Most of the fanbase think of him as Adorkable, but others...well...
  • Broken Base:
    • Is there ever if you want to start a flame war go on the forums and say anything about Ere's eyes. Then there's her killing Report.
    • It split even more after the Cosmic Retcon.
    • The Steel Age author. Their arrival provided a complete change to the normal story, putting more emphasis on action and character development than previous authors. Some say this was a welcome change, while "purists" decry that the series is Ruined Forever.
    • The Ending of Wham Episode. Yeesh.
    • The whole of the Jade Age can count as this, as it completely changed the game (doing away with Death is Cheap being one of the examples).
  • Crazy Awesome: Bertrand Ayres is the king of this.
    • The Yay Agenda arc also gave us the evil variation with Colonel Noggard, a batshit insane Afgan vet, who built a Jet Pack in a middle of a Chase Scene out of a crashed helicopter's turbine! Then he landed and tossed it away just as it was about to explode, proceeding unflinchigly after Report. You either need balls the size of a watermelon or be completely out of your mind to top that. Noggard is probably both.
    • FREAKING EZ! That is all.
    • Gabe seems to be contest Bertrand for his spot at the top. His first appearance was a weekend Filler page depicting him singlehandedly taking on both /b/ and Dab Gib while completely naked (save a blindfold) and in space, with the caption, "That guy in the middle, the one whose name you don't know—he could probably actually do this (and still find time to grope Ere between blows). Then there's this gem:
      Gabe: "I once solved a war with my penis. The shaft grew so big that it fell of and petrified. They raised it up and pointed it skyward, and now worship it as a monument. Then a new one grew in its place. You can see it from space.
      Retrope: The monument or your penis?
      Gabe: Yes.
    • Pretty much any god that appears, from the Aesir and Vanir to the Zodiac.
    • Agni, because he uppercut a horse's head off.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: In the game version of Tales of Epic Fantasy Quest: "At The Ready", "Stand Your Ground", "Reason for Edit", and "Competition of Balance", (the first battle theme, the first boss battle theme, the final boss theme, and the arena theme, respectively).
    • "Song for You (RPG Ver.)" (the credits) and "Ephemeral Song of Battle" (the second battle theme) weren't bad, either.
  • Die for Our Ship: Certains parts of the fandom have taken to killing off Report to ship Retrope/Ere. The little facts that Retrope barely knew Ere and Ere is in Punchy Love with Report and feels only jealosy towards Retrope just... slipped their mind.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Though originally meant to only appear in the External Links arc, Wikepe-tan (Trope-tan's Dark Magical Girl counterpart) has proved strangely popular among the fandom, especially after her Heel–Face Turn. Shipping fans in particular love to pair her off with Trope-tan.
    • Axel is a minor one; he was introduced as a one-shot foil character for Gabe, but being the only male character introduced in the Bronze Age to not hit on Ere gave him enough popularity to be included as a candidate in I Can Be An Ass, Too...
    • It took one strip for Teller to be instantly loved by the fanbase. From his first appearance, he has been a fan favorite, and only proceeds to add more people to his ever-growing list of fangirls.
  • Foe Yay:
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The "Worst Case Scenario" opened with a nuclear explosion at the W.I.K.I. HQ and Regnis dying of radiation poisoning. This took place about a month before the Fukushima nuclear mess in Japan started. Voices in the fandom say that it was what forced the author to push the Reset Button at the end of the arc.
    • In the Dark Age's last arc, Ere and Gabe joke about "inversion sickness". Come the Jade Age, and we find out it's a real thing...and so much more than a sickness.
  • He's Just Hiding: It is mentioned in passing that Report Nwonknu was killed by the Ad Bot during The Google Incident. The fans refuse to believe it because his body has never been recovered.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Every character death. The Jade Age author apparently plans to subvert this.
    The blurb for the latest strip: The next character to perish can't count on fancy-pants revivals to save their souls.
    • Shortly after that, Report and Minnie both died.
    • "I only have three male employees. One of them is gay. The rest all quit."
    • "I have done just enough research to justify HALF of the crap Gabe does. The rest is pure crap."
    • "The funny thing is...he probably would."
    • This is my "Whoo" face. *Whoo face*
    • Luijt! *breaks down*
      • Car! *breaks down*
    • "Donuts, HO!"
    • One day they will make Twilivania. Tens thousands of screaming fangirls will buy these games and subsequently start a large scale revolt when Awesome Belmont strangles Jacob with the Glampire Killer. The revolution will become so great that government will be called in and forced to raze them with fire hoses that shoot fire and arrest Stephanie Meyers for making sequels. And the world will be a better place for it.
      • A Better. Freakin'. Place.
    • "Brynn, what did I say about opening your eyes? You'll scare the children!"
    • She's got pretty eyes.
    • It sounded like a good idea at first, but then I thought.
    • "I have yet another mundane yet epically awesome invention!"
      • "Does 'epic' even have an adverb form?"
    • Don't let Report play Tsukihime! Viel will learn to see the Lines of Death and then we'll be fucked!
      • "What have you been doing?" "Oh, just watching Report play Tsukihime."
    • Fable 5 will be set in present-day New York. Swords will still be there. They will be more effective than the rocket launcher.
    • Dancing magic + Mangoes = Tangoes!
      • And then Axel bled out the ears...
    • "DIE, DAMN YOU!!!"
    • The show must go on!
    • Vali's pants
    • He uppercut a horse! A GODAMN HORSE!
    • (bang) No.
    • No words in the English language can express my undying hatred for you except this: fuck you.
    • God DAMN, you're short.
  • Memetic Badass: Resiurb Suoretsiob, who punches Satan for burning the roast, and casually arm-wrestles with Chuck Norris.
  • Memetic Molester: Blue, because she fondles everyone's breasts...yes, even the guys.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dab Gib has had a lot of opportunities but this one definitely takes the cake:
    Yug: [sees his brother for the first time in years] Dab?!!
    Dab: [about "Betrayer"] That is a wonderful song, little brother...
    Yug: [smiles happily]
    Dab: ...but I hate metal. [decapitates Yug]
    • The way Gabe kills Adonis in Gabriel: God of Lightning is to literally shake his molecules apart, using his powers to make sure Adonis feels every bit of it. When Gabe wants you to hurt, you hurt.
    • XD manages to prove as big a villain as other, longer-standing villains in a single arc.
    • Kaliyah leapt it in a single bound when she killed Doog Gib.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Most often with the treatment of Ere's cybernetic eyes. The readers don't even know some of the stuff she sees...
    • The Flying Kraken Thing from the "Worst Case Scenario", full stop. Made much worse by the fact that we never see all of it, just its shadow and glimpses of its tentacles. And that eye, that freaking eye.
    • A.U.T.H.O.R. drifts into this quite often. Then again, he is a Nightmare Fetishist and Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant.
    • En 0 crosses it when, in need of a power supply, he proceeds to use his "Cessation of Life" skill, i.e REMOVING THINGS FROM EXISTENCE IN THE MOST PAINFUL WAY POSSIBLE on an orphanage in New Trope City. When Owt questions him, his reply was "Who cares?"
    • "I'm jus gng2 kill u slowly n painfully, n if yer lucky, I'll let u'v a last meal b4 u die."
    • Ere's life-draining pods, which slowly drain a person's life force until they die. She then uses the energy to power herself and her army.
      • At one point, when she was in need of power, she kidnapped young children and subjected them to this machine. And, much like En 0, when questioned about it, all she said was, "Who cares?"
    • The Inversion. To put it simply, Inverters use their powers by tapping into the Inversion, which allows them to invert Wiki Magic and Wei Ki. Not so Nightmare Fuel-y right now...except that they must constantly remind themselves who they are so that the Inversion doesn't invert them into horrible, twisted monsters. Reginald succumbs to the Inversion, backstabbing (literally) his own sister and leading the demon armies to kill all of W.I.K.I. for good.
      • Reginald's Inverted form may remind fans of possessed!Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates. According to Word of God, that's where the inspiration came from.
    • Freaking everything about Alexa kidnapping other women and girls, swapping bodies with them, and then discarding of those bodies when she grows bored of them. A lot of her victims are in cryogenic slumber, never to be woke again.
  • OT3: Already cropping up among the fandom regarding Ere/Report/Retrope. Unsurprisingly.
    • As of "Worst Case Scenario" finale, it is official.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Gabe was originally perceived as one in certain parts of the fandom for "stealing" the Golden Age protagonist's job and, apparently, his Love Interest. However, his clumsy but well-intended actions in the Cupid's Right Hand endeared him to all but the most dedicated haters.
  • The Scrappy: Bisho Mitahora is considered to be this by many of the readers
    • Agni is this to most of the fanbase for killing Odin.
  • Seasonal Rot: The "Informational Breakdown" arc, which changed the characters to the point that they could not be recognized, such as Trope-Tan turning evil simply because she decided to do it for the hell of it, the only likable parts were the parts with Wikipe-tan, culminating in her snapping Trope-Tan out of her evil fit by punching out Trope-Tan when she achieved God Mode.
  • Ship Wars: It's either Kyrax or Maxen.
    • Some fans ship Retrope/Vali after the events of Nine Realms, and come into conflict with Report/Gale fans often.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Sir Romra, while dying, offers his helmet to Naharrud so he could use it as a head to see—and read the books like the latter always wanted.
    • Sun-Dog's death. He didn't want to fight, but was constantly forced into battle. His last flashback showed his life as nothing more than him being used as a tool. He died without speaking to anyone about the sadness he felt.
  • The Woobie: Odin is this to many fans.
  • Too Cool to Live: Resiurb, Sun-Dog, and Shava.
  • Unexpected Character: Nobody, not even the crazy fan theories, expected Teller to show up during Cyberpunk.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Ere is absolutely ADORED by the fandom but the authors seem to love to screw her life over and over again. Then they outright killed her at the climax of Cyberpunk.
    • Similar case with Gale. He's absolutely loved by the fandom, but the author screws his life over ten times in the Seven Stones Arc.