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YMMV: Syndicate
  • Breather Level: In the 2012 game, the levels "Eurocorp", "The Floating City", "Downzone" and "Human Resources" feature no actual combat, and focus more on world-building and exposition.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: So far, pretty much every track used in the trailers. Cyberpunk Is Dubstep, and so far, Skrillex[1] and Nero[2] have each remixed pieces from the original game. Starting roughly 2:05.
    • The tension music from Syndicate Wars
  • It's Short, so It Sucks : The 2012 reboot suffers from this big time, being roughly the same length as a pretty average First-Person Shooter.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The Persuadatron working its magic. The exact same sound has been inherited by the 2012 game.
    • The minigun's short bursts of death. Again, inherited directly.
    • The jingle that plays once you've finished a mission.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Leonardo Device (used by the Syndicate to "enhance" their agents), a giant wheel that holds the subject in a "Vitruvian Man" position (hence the name, presumably) and then rips bits off them to replace with cybernetics.
    • There's also the agent 'recruitment' process, which involves finding a random innocent civilian with the appropriate physique, kidnapping them, implanting a mind-control chip in their brain to suppress their free will, then strapping them into the aforementioned device to receive modifications.
    • Chip extraction in the 2012 game. This is done with a specialized tool which consists of a handle with a spike at the end which you jab into a person's ear or nostril, whereupon thin cables extend from the spike, dig into the brain and tear the chip out. The game gives you a lovely X-ray view of the head so you can better appreciate what is happening.
  • Surprise Difficulty:
    • The expansion pack, despite using the same map structure in the original game, is much harder than the original. You pratically need to memorize the map and in-mission events before you can even attempt to complete the level.
    • Even more surprising is the very first thing that happens in the sequel, Syndicate Wars. Your one agent starts on a long exposed dock, and is immediately shot in the face with the most powerful weapon from the original game.

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