YMMV / Sword Girls

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In the Main Story light novel, Vernika is depicted as a cold-hearted, manipulative, and violent person who has an unhealthy obsession to Sita, although the game itself had no indication of this personality. Many readers were horrified at the unexpected character change, and the rest rejoiced.
    • This characterization seems to carry over to the manhwa as well, with shades of Clingy Jealous Girl when Laon and Sita start traveling together.
  • Ho Yay:
    • The most blatant Ho Yay occurs between Iri and Vernika. However, Vernika also appears to have feelings for her fellow (ex-)schoolmate Sita. The not-so-blatant ones could probably make this page scroll-worthy.
    • Linia explicitly states that she desires the affection of Cinia (her younger sister). Make what you will of that.
    • Out of context, the illustration for Vampiric Education looks exactly like lesbian rape.