!!1976 Series:
* KillTheCutie: [[spoiler: Wendy]] in "Law and Order".
* MoralEventHorizon: [[spoiler: Tom Price]] crosses this, and then conveniently [[RedemptionEqualsDeath pays]].
* OneSceneWonder: ''Lots'' of people quickly come and go, but Creator/PatrickTroughton stands out in his one-scene turn as a [[spoiler:doomed]] river-barge operator.
* SeasonalRot: Arguably; the three seasons are certainly very different from each other. Each has its fans.

!!2008 Series:
* * AlasPoorScrappy: Sarah.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Tom Price. We know he's a hardened criminal and habitual liar who is willing to casually murder in cold blood when he feels it's worth it, but sometimes holds back and displays some loyalty to the group. Exactly what motivates him seems unclear.
* FridgeLogic: Why are characters limiting themselves to pistols and shotguns? There's entire military arsenals out there.
** If Britain's gone off air, have the [[http://grayee.blogspot.com/2008/12/letters-of-very-last-resort.html letters of last resort]] on the [[UsefulNotes/UltimateDefenceOfTheRealm UK's nuclear missile submarines]] been opened? If so, what's happened?
*** Since the plague played out over time the nuclear subs would have been able to monitor the progress of the plague through public broadcasts and dispatches from their command authority. Doubtless the same would have happened with the SSBN fleets of the United States, Russia and any other navy operating such submarines.
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Sarah spends a majority of the first season being useless at best and outright villainous at worst. But during the second season, she begins to put more effort into acting like a better member of the group.
* TheScrappy: [[strike:Possibly]] 11-year-old kid Naj

!!"Creator/ErinHunter" Novels
* FunnyMoments: Lucky accurately (and sarcastically) describing a former alpha's appearance, a dog named Black Eye. Snap is surprised by this and asks how he knows, so Lucky just mutters "Never mind".
* InternetBackdraft: This series has been controversial among Creator/ErinHunter fans, to say the least.
* MemeticMutation: Adding "dog" to the end of every noun, since the excerpt mentioned "Sun Dog" and "Earth Dog" and "Sky Dogs".
* NightmareFuel: Terror from ''The Broken Path''. He has patches of burnt skin, yellow eyes...''and a missing lower jaw''.
** The broken jaw was because of Storm fighting him to save her friends...and the way she did it...
* TaintedByThePreview: The excerpt has not been well received.
* TearJerker: Mickey finally giving up on his human family in Book 3, hoping that if they ever come back they'll know he waited as long as he could. Even Lucky, who hates humans, starts to change his mind about them when he realizes just how much Mickey loved his family.