YMMV / Supreme Power

  • Anvilicious: This setting practically beats the reader over the head with its themes about corruption and the abuses of American society.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Michael Redstone is a heinous Serial Killer who, after being granted superpowers, becomes one of the most evil villains the Squadron Supreme face. Even as a regular human being, Redstone's killing career began after he tortured his CO in the military for 5 hours before murdering her, just for being a woman. Following this up by becoming a murderer of prostitutes, Redstone is later experimented on by the government, who grant him superpowers. Using these powers, Redstone continues his spree, murdering several more women by ripping their limbs off and keeping them as trophies. When confronted by the hero Hyperion, Redstone flees while murdering everyone in his way, notably using a child as ammo to fling at Hyperion. After making a deal with the government, Redstone becomes a U.S. operative who is dropped into foreign countries with orders to kill as many people as possible to destabilize said countries, and, in his final appearance, Redstone holds Los Angeles hostage with a nuclear bomb, orders Hyperion to allow himself to be beaten to death lest the city be destroyed, and takes time during their duel to brutally murder innocents in various ways just to torment Hyperion. With no professed reason for his crimes beyond a love of killing, Michael Redstone was handily the most personal foe Hyperion ever faced.
    • Supreme Power: Nighthawk: Whiteface, real name Stephen Binst, the Big Bad of this Spinoff, is the most depraved man Nighthawk has ever fought against. Once a pharmacist who sought to "fill a hole of unhappiness" in his life, Whiteface developed a lethal drug that he planned to spread throughout Chicago, hoping that a massive bodycount would be enough to make him feel happy in life. Testing the compound on a poor woman and her family, he kills the entire household—including two children and a baby. Years later, having awaken from a catatonic state brought on by being assaulted, maimed, and possibly raped in prison for his deplorable crimes, Whiteface escapes confinement, kills and takes the outfit of a clown, then replaces a shipment of cocaine with his lethal drug, resulting in over 3,800 deaths of men, women, and children alike in just three days. Later poisoning the guests at a child's birthday party, resulting in numerous children's deaths, Whiteface then murders a crippled woman, a nurse, another man for his outfit, and kidnaps a baby. Traveling to a local water plant, brutally murdering 3 police officers along the way, Whiteface gleefully flings the kidnapped baby into the water processing unit, hoping for him to drown while he makes his escape from a recently-arrived Nighthawk. A sadist who believed mass murder would bring joy into his life, Whiteface, despite his lack of superpowers, stood out even among the likes of Redstone as a truly disgusting lunatic.
  • Idiot Plot: Everyone in The Government... Right up until General Alexander shows up, lampshading it with "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    General Alexander: You had access to an artifact from a non-human civilization! Do you realize what you had, what you let get away from you? Do you? Then let me explain it to you! Imagine handing an F-16 to the Aztecs in 1521, when Cortez was at war with them, and instead of learning to fly so they could slice Cortez and his army to shreds, they cut off the wings to use as shields, the guns as clubs, and they take off the wheels because they figured they would look really cool hanging from the temple ceiling! This is exactly what you people and your agencies have been doing since day one, and worse still, you've been doing it in secret, not just from the public, which we expect, but from each other! As a result, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! And what has the left hand been doing all this time? Jerking off, that's what! And what've you got to show for it? One guy [Doctor Spectrum]! And a bunch of melted metal where the ship used to be!
  • Magnificent Bastard: General Alexander, Emil Burbank, Hyperion
  • Seasonal Rot: Howard Chaykin's run has been taken very poorly.
  • Toy Ship: Sort of; The Amphibian isn't a child, but is incredibly childlike, and her obvious attachment to Doc Spectrum is adorable.