YMMV / Supernanny

  • Bile Fascination: While the show isn't bad, per say, a number of people like to tune in just to see how bratty certain kids of the week could be and 99% of the time, they are not disappointed.
  • Ear Worm: The show's early theme can be this.
  • Funny Moments: While it isn't funny to watch a kid act unruly and out of control, some of the things they say can be pretty hilarious. For example, one little kid was so mad at Jo for making him stay in his bed, he yelled at her to "Go HOME!"
    • "Talk to the eyeballs!" And later: "Talk to the hand!"
    • Meanwhile, despite being astonishingly rude, Rhys Howat from the original series spouts off "I DARE YOU TO FUCK OFF!" that it might as well be his catchphrase.
  • Heartwarming Moments: When Jo helps any family on this show, their lives are inevitably changed for the better, and we the audience even get to see future checkups on the family in question!
    • The An-Duan family's dad works extremely long hours before Jo gets involved. Because of this, his kids are thrilled to see him when he does come home. Granted, they're hyped up and treating Dad like a human jungle gym, in Jo's words. That said, it's kind of adorable to watch.
    • The Merrill family has adopted all four of their kids. Two of those children come from Ghana and are terrified of the dark because there, militants come through, round up people, and set fire to their homes at night. Jo tackles this issue using a modified Stay in Bed technique, which involves using soft lights to make the bedroom calm and secure, and reassuring the children they are safe.
    • Jo encourages parents to praise their children often; it's heartwarming to see them learn to do this, especially if they've been hard on their kids in the past.
  • Tear Jerker: Potentially for viewers, and tears flow freely in-universe from parents as well as kids.
    • Many of the families have Tear Jerker situations, such as a veteran parent, a Missing Mom or Disappeared Dad, or even Abusive Parents at times. A couple of families have lost a beloved grandparent, one to cancer and one to a boating accident. A few episodes have had situations which caused Jo herself to lose her composure; watching the appeal video from the Lewis family, who lost their father to gastric cancer while making the video, brought her to tears.
    • The Tsironis family almost lost their twins Teddy and Nicholas, who were born prematurely, weighed just a pound each, and had not even developed skin when they were born.
    • One British mother lost her youngest child to crib death, which led her to spoil and overprotect her surviving children.
    • At times, Jo also shares some personal information that results in tears, such as when she talks about losing her mother in her twenties.
    • Watching the Chapman daughters take care of their three younger brothers all under the age of five was enough to drive Jo to tears, especially when eldest daughter Brittany actually faints from all the stress she's endured. It doesn't help that their father says they don't do enough and their mother is too obsessed with her business to do anything.
    • The episode with the Davis family is just full of tears with a physically and emotionally abusive father making his children miserable (especially his stepdaughter) and the mother simply allowing it with a dead-eyed expression. Sadder still is that the father doesn't learn his lesson after Jo leaves and ends up being arrested and charged with domestic abuse.