YMMV / Superman Unbound

  • Complete Monster: Brainiac, a Control Freak and genocidal psychopath on a galactic scale, seeks knowledge and feels the best to do that is to shrink and then steal a major city from a planet and then destroy the planet. He stole Kandor from Krypton, not bothering to blow up Krypton because he knew that Krypton would soon be destroyed by natural causes. Then he attacks another planet, again shrinking and stealing a city and then uses a device that causes the planet's Sun to go Nova, thus killing the remaining inhabitants on the planet. Brainiac also sends his drones to the planets he is attacking and the drones proceed to kill random inhabitants of the planet. He later steals Metropolis and tries to destroy Earth in a similar manner. He also tortures Superman for information and tries to experiment on Supergirl.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Brainiac crossed it a long time ago by harvesting planets of major citizens and destroying what he finds disposable, which does to a random planet during the movie.
  • Signature Scene: The most memorable scene from the movie is Lois flipping off Brainiac in the middle of his evil speech.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general consensus of the movie's quality in the fandom. It's not bad, but not as great as Superman: Doomsday or Superman vs. the Elite.