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YMMV: Super Robot Wars K
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: King Gainer defeating the Overdevil with the help of the Gaiking.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Edax", the Leitmotif heard if the player is fighting against of the Edax generals and the Big Bad.
  • Game Breaker: See entries here
    • Of the equippable parts available in K, "Orgone Cloud" is probably the best onenote . Although it's available on the fifth playthrough of the game, players can easily acquire it on the first playthrough by inserting a Super Robot Wars Judgment cartridge into the Nintendo DS Game Boy Advance slot.
    • The "Combo Attack" pilot skill allows a pilot to attack both units in a partner unit; at higher levels, the pilot can target additional partner units. Thus, a pilot with a level 3 "Combo Attack" can target upwards to six enemies at once. Since "Combo Attack" is only applicable to melee attacks, these are effectively short-ranged MAP Attacks, except without the usual drawbacks such as limited ammunition, reduced Experience Points/credits earned and possible friendly fire. Additionally, "Combo Attack" deals full damage without any penalties, meaning players are free to spam to their hearts' content immediately on the first turn.
      • Unlike the "Chain Attack" pilot skill in previous SRWs, enemies don't need to be adjacent to one another or in a row; "Combo Attack" is far more effective so long as enemies are in range of the weapon that is "Combo Attack" applicable. Finally, destroying many units with a "Combo Attack" allows much faster Will gains for the pilot with the skill.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Largely Gundam SEED Destiny characters; not only is Kira Yamato more reasonable (who doesn't attack the player's team on sight, but agrees to join them) and Cagalli's Chickification completely nullified, but K goes out of its way to make Yuuna Roma Seinan less of a coward and more affectionate towards Cagalli, to the point where he acknowledges his faults and steps aside when Cagalli forcibly takes command of Orb. Yuuna actually manages to live through the Battle of Orb, on top of this. Unfortunately, the same can't really be said about the ZAFT characters (with the exception of Athrun Zala and maybe Heine Westenfluss).
  • The Scrappy: Mist Rex is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, THE most hated SRW protagonist ever (and the second-most despised character period, just after Lee Linjun (or third, after Wilhelm von Juergen). He spends most of K complaining about how much better his homeworld of Atreim is than Earth, acts like an asshole to cast over the party's character flaws (berating Go Saruwatari for his women troubles, telling Van to get over his bride-to-be's death, insulting Kira's idealistic pacifism, and denigrating inexperienced pilots like Gainer Sanga, Ruuji Familion, and Daiya Tsuwabuki). The ultimate expression of this is his reaction to the ending as a fun adventure, completely glossing over Soushi Minashiro and his actions, who sacrificed himself to ultimately destroy the Eldritch Abomination Big Bad that was RESPONSIBLE FOR ALTREIM'S DESTRUCTION. Made worse by the fact that a lot of his attitude is hypocritical, such as one ending putting him in a harem situation after insulting Go for the very same reasons, or some instances where he recklessly charges at Edax forces and gets his ass handed to him, after berating other people for doing just that. Japan has a fandom meme involving photoshopping Mist and his mecha into announced SRWs to screw with other fans.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Many players consider the "Partner Battle" system useless, especially when standard Mooks later in the game have access to "Combo Attack". Also, partnering two units prevents the use of "Combo Attack", further discouraging the system. Those who do want to use the "Partner Battle" system find it does have some uses, such as always having mecha in range of each other to combine or easier access to Combination Attacks. Ultimately, it's a question of weighing the benefits of these vs. being able to use a "Combo Attack". These are largely the reasons why the system is revamped in Super Robot Wars L.
    • Following the release of Super Robot Wars Z, installments began standardizing many gameplay mechanics, such as "evasion decay"note , raising the cost of Spirit Commands and balancing individual Will gains. The one gripe players have with K regarding standardization are terrain rankings on units. First, K goes with the idea that if a series is never set in space, it cannot have more than rank of "B" in space. This is fine until players realize that Mazinger Z, who was never been in space, gets a rank of "A". This also extends to the Fafners, while the Dann of Thursday (who not only fought in space, but fought to a draw against the Saudade of Sunday, an Armor built for space combat) gets a "B". Secondly, despite the primary units from Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! fighting somewhat often in water, and the Fafners originating from an island, none of them have a better rank of "B" in water (the exceptions are the Cosmo Diver, a dedicated underwater/space unit, and one of the unlockable Fafner units).
      • Additionally, multiple series in K don't have many flight-capable machines, which causes problems when late-game Mooks all take to the skies. This would probably be fine, provided the game gave players enough equippable parts allowing flight, but it doesn't.
  • That One Level
    • Scenarios 5 to 8, or "Those Four Levels"
      • Scenario 5 pits players against every named villain in the first half of Overman King Gainer, including Brunhilde, who in-series attacked friends and foes alike, yet in K only attacks the players' units. Fortunately, only Brunhilde needs to be destroyed, except it has 10000+ Hit Points (at Scenario 5, no less), and there are around 7-8 Fragile Speedster Flunky Bosses attacking the party at the same time. Fortunately, the scenario has easy Mooks to handle.
      • Scenario 6 kicks off the GUN×SWORD plot, only Van is attacked by a lot of Darius Empire Mooks. The player must ensure Van survive s for two turns until the Daikuu Maryu appears to aid him, which is easier said than done.
      • Scenario 7 is a mix of the two before: it begins with the Dann of Thursday, the El Dora V (unfortunately, it's an EN guzzler), the Brownie and Mist being attacked by a bunch of King Gainer grunts and bosses (again). A few turns later, the rest of the party arrives, only enemies also get two tough bosses as reinforcements - Cynthia Lane and Ray Lundgren. Like Brunhilde in scenario 5, they only attack the party, despite neither of them being aligned with the Siberian Railroad.
      • Finally, scenario 8 is MORE Overman King Gainer bosses/Mooks, plus Cynthia again, and the Diablo of Monday. This scenario's slighty easier, but if players want the GUN×SWORD Secret Characters, Van must destroy the Diablon or they're Lost Forever. Fortunately, after all this hell, Scenario 9 is an easy Breather Level.
    • Any Virtual-ON-based scenarios: the first two are long and boring, set in corridors against Mooks with MAP weapons, while the last one is on an open field with more grunts and Elite Mooks with huge HP pools and the "Combo Attack" pilot skill, allowing them to crush the player's support units.
      • Scratch that: let's just say any long corridor-based scenario is long and dull (we're looking at you, final Fafner scenario).
    • In one Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer scenario, players must prevent any enemy unit from reaching a certain point...IN SPACE. This sort of mission objective isn't a problem, except many series and their respective mecha in this game don't go into space from their home series, meaning they're stuck with a relatively low rank of "B" for terrain (see Scrappy Mechanic above). To emphasize, even a Lightning Bruiser like the King Gainer can easily get hit and often miss in space.
  • They Wasted A Perfectly Good Appearance: Despite the proper SRW appearance of Godannar (the series made its debut in Super Robot Wars Scramble Comannder 2), units like the Goddinner, Genesister and Volspinner do not make an appearance, let alone even be mentioned in K. However, thir pilots do make appearances during the intermission, just not their machines.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Between the various issues and the fact K followed fan-favorite Super Robot Wars W, this was inevitable.

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