!Series-specific YMMV
* AntiClimaxBoss: The [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Angels]] in ''Alpha'' are built up to be incredibly dangerous, and each one appears in a unique scenario. Unfortunately, as far as scenario bosses goes, they're incredibly easy, even if players are going for Skill Points or other secrets. Either the Angels are this trope or they're purely inserted into the game for nothing else but show (the fifth Angel Ramiel, for example, doesn't need to be interacted with in a meaningful manner during its appearance).
** Particular points for this goes to the fourteeth Angel Zeruel: in the show, this creature's an unstoppable death machine. In the game, thanks to the "Demoralize" Spirit Command from [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei Ayanami]], Zeruel is relatively easy to take him down without the Evangelion Unit-01 becoming TheBerserker. Hell, Zeruel hits so soft it can actually be a challenge to get [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji Ikari]] ''killed'' for the mandatory event to play out in the scenario[[note]]Resulting in the "S2 Engine" upgrade for the Unit-01[[/note]] unless, instead of lowering Zeruel's Will, players intentionally hit it with weak attacks just to build up its Will pool.
** The {{Final Boss}}es in ''Alpha 2'' and ''Alpha 3''. For the former, after coming out of the hellish ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack'' scenarios (pitting the player against pretty much every named ''Franchise/{{Gundam}}'' antagonist still alive), the finale is considerably easier with no rush for a Skill Point, enabling players to take their sweet time wearing down the boss' immense defenses. ''Alpha 3'', on the other hand, can be easily exploited by positioning allied units at a certain point on the map where the boss will appear, then dog-piling on it, enabling players to end the scenario in one turn, in spite of the boss' high {{Hit Point}}s.
* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Keisar Ephes]] from the third game, [[TheManBehindTheMan true ruler of the Balmarrian Empire]], was [[FallenHero once a great hero]] who [[SatanicArchetype succumbed to darkness]] and became one of the most evil beings in the ''Super Robot Wars'' franchise. Known then as Augustus, Keisar Ephes allowed sacrifices in his name, [[YourSoulIsMine devouring the souls]] of those given to him. Initiating the invasion of Earth, Keisar Ephes continued to devour the souls of the fallen before finally revealing himself and his true plans: to destroy the heroes and consume their souls as well before [[OmnicidalManiac annihilating the entire universe]] and recreating it as a place of eternal suffering where he could lord over his victims [[AGodAmI like a God]].
* CriticalResearchFailure: During the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Archangel]]'s descent to Earth in ''Alpha 3'', Murrue mentions that the ZAFT pilots cannot target the refugee ship they released, citing the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Antarctic Treaty]]. Even ignoring the fact that the Antarctic Treaty became defunct when the One Year War ended in the original show, the treaty was signed between the Earth Federation and ''Zeon'', and ZAFT is not bound by it at all.
* DemonicSpiders: [[Anime/MacrossPlus Ghost X-9s]] have INSANELY high evasion rates, making them nigh untouchable to even the most accurate and agile {{Real Robot}}s; it's nearly impossible to hit them without using the "Strike" Spirit Command[[note]]Increase accuracy to 100% for one turn[[/note]]. Thankfully, they don't show up much.
** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeed ZAFT]] seems to enjoy fielding them in ''Alpha 3'', but aside from their evasion rates, they don't hit as hard as they do in ''Alpha Gaiden'', unless you're playing the [[ThatOneLevel first half of the]] [[Anime/MacrossPlus Information High scenario]].
* GameBreaker: See [[GameBreaker/SuperRobotWars here]] for the full list.
* GoddamnBats: The [[Anime/{{Gunbuster}} STMC]] and the [[Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon Buff Clan]] in ''Alpha 3''.
** The Aura Battler {{Mook}}s in ''Alpha''; all come with an "Aura Barrier" that can absorb a fair amount of beam-type damage. This isn't so much of a concern early in the game, but when stronger Aura Battler units appear late-game, they come bundled with a fair rating of armor. As the absorption is calculated ''after'' damage reduction from armor, this means hurting even grunts, never mind Aura Battler boss units, with beam weaponry can become annoying. Unfortunately, this leads to another problem: most Aura Battler {{Mook}}s are "S" size. The best units for clearing them out would be [[Franchise/{{Gundam}} Mobile Suits]], but they can't damage them reliably. This forces players to either use {{Super Robot}}s, while others must invest Spirit Points into Spirit Commands like "Strike", lean ''real'' hard on the ''Anime/{{Macross}}'' and ''Anime/AuraBattlerDunbine'' units, or just pray the LevelScaling in damage is faster for allied units than {{Mook}}s.
* GoodBadBugs: "Phase-Shift Armor" ability for the ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' units in ''Alpha 3''. It reduces damage from a lot more things than it says it does, including energy beams that aren't close enough to what would be a considered a "beam" in Gundam terminology. For example, "[[Anime/MazingerZ Breast Fire]]" is not considered a beam attack in the game. This problem was rectified for later SRW games, where energy based attacks from other shows ignore PS Armor.
** The UsefulNotes/SegaDreamcast version of ''Alpha'' has an odd bug where unit "Limit" is disregarded - it doesn't actually limit anything. The only reason to upgrade it is to get the "Full Upgrade Bonus".
** There's a funny little infinite cash bug in Scenario 58 of ''Alpha'' (UsefulNotes/PlayStation version only), where if the Spirit Command "Provoke" is used on Tashiro, every move allied units make will rake in roughly 50,000 credits until someone attacks a target. By the end of a player turn, expect a metric asston of credits.
* GrowingTheBeard: The ''Alpha'' series marked the beginning of the complex plot weaving between series that's become iconic with [=SRW=] as opposed to a borderline ExcusePlot for an UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny between HumongousMecha it had during the "Classic Timeline".
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: In the ''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion End of Evangelion]]'' story in ''Alpha 3'', the non-''Evangelion'' characters [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre manage to get Shinji to stand down]] and get him to help them '''prevent Instrumentality from succeeding'''. At the end, Shinji questions if he did the right thing in going against his father, to which [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Amuro]] answers that it is something he must decide for himself. The dialogue from the ''Evangelion'' cast reeks of SoProudOfYou and EarnYourHappyEnding, including a BroadStrokes of the characters clapping to Shinji a la the "Congratulations!" scene.
* HoYay: ''Averted'' for the ''Alpha'' originals, much like it was in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars4''. When choosing the protagonist's (romantic) partner, it ''must'' be of the opposite sex, without exception. The game has no support for same-sex pairings, not even non-explicitly-romantic ones.
** ''Alpha 2'' and ''Alpha 3'' is slightly better about this, since there's definitely room for interpretation with [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlphaGaiden Sanger Zonvolt]] and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Ratsel Feinschmecker]], [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha2 Ibis Douglas and Sleigh Presty]] and Ibis and [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha2 Irui]]. Of course, there is still nothing explicitly stated.
** Naturally, the licensed series can carry over any homoerotic undertones they had: Shinji Ikari and [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Kaworu Nagisa]] are a famous example and span multiple games.
* MoralEventHorizon: EVERYTHING [[Anime/{{Xabungle}} Kashim King]] does in ''Alpha Gaiden''. Of couse, he [[spoiler:brainwashes Elche like in the series, but in the final battle with him, he sends out [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Rosamia Badam]] in the Psyco Gundam MK II after he'd ERASED HER MIND. If you deploy the [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Zeta Gundam]] like you're supposed to, you get a TearJerker as [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Kamille Bidan]] is forced to kill her as she attacks the ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack La Cailum]]'' battleship. Then Kashim [[NukeEm fires a ton of nuclear missiles he dug up and tries to wipe out every non-Innocent off the face of the Earth]]. Kamille flies into an UnstoppableRage and gives Kashim King nearly the EXACT speech he gave [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Paptimus Scirocco]] in his home series, accompanied by a ThemeMusicPowerUp, MidSeasonUpgrade and a whole lot of RammingAlwaysWorks]].
* PlayerPunch: You want Zeta Gundam's exceptionally good final attack in ''Alpha Gaiden''? [[spoiler:Make sure you kill the BrainwashedAndCrazy Rosamia, who can be saved, otherwise]].
* TheScrappy: [[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Katz Kobayashi]] remains as annoying as he is in ''Zeta Gundam''. He even expresses racism similar to the [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Blue Cosmos]] in ''Alpha 3'' (though Kamille quickly corrects him). No surprises that he keeps getting labeled as "expendable" in various manga adapatations of ''Alpha''.
* TearJerker: [[spoiler:The destruction of the SRX]] in ''Alpha 3''.
** [[spoiler: Rosamia's death and Magus reverting to [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Sophia Nate]] as she dies]] in ''Alpha Gaiden''.
* ThatOneBoss
** ''Alpha Gaiden'': [[Manga/GetterRobo Emperor Gore's Invincible Battleship Dai]], [[Anime/TurnAGundam Gym Ghingham's Turn X Gundam]], and [[spoiler:[[Characters/MasouKishin Shu Shirakawa's Neo Granzon]]]]. Notably, the latter was the hardest boss in the entire franchise, until the FinalBoss, ''not the TrueFinalBoss'', in ''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden]]'' usurped that title.
** ''Alpha 2'': Emperor Gore's Invincible Battleship Dai, [[Anime/{{Daitarn 3}} Don Zauser]], [[Anime/GreatMazinger The Emperor of Darkness]], [[Manga/MobileSuitCrossboneGundam Crux Dogatie's Divinidad]] and [[spoiler:[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Char Aznable's Nightingale]]]]
** ''Alpha 3'': [[Anime/GaoGaiGar The Sol Lords' Palparepa Plus/Prajna and Pia Decem Pit/Peak]], [[Anime/{{Dancougar}} Emperor Muge Zorbados]], [[Anime/{{Macross 7}} Gepelnitch]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED Rau Le Creuset's Providence Gundam]], and [[Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon Doba Ajiba's Bairal Jin]].
* ThatOneLevel: The Information High sequence in ''Alpha 3''. Due to the singing by [[Anime/MacrossPlus Sharon Apple]], players cannot use Spirit Commands until a certain point in the scenario. The knife-twister? At the very beginning, only two allied units are on the field: [[Anime/MacrossPlus Isamu Alva Dyson's YF-19 and Guld Goa Bowman's YF-21]]. Worse, Ghost-X9s are the enemy, so unless money has been poured onto the mobility stats of the YF-19 and YF-21, it's considered luck if their accuracy gets above 30%. Acquiring the Skill Point is also a LuckBasedMission.
** The Turn X scenario in ''Alpha Gaiden''. This is around the time where the game hates players for getting this far: not only is the Turn X, at this point, the strongest enemy in the game with high strength, accuracy and maneuverability, but Spirit Commands are needed for most attacks to both hit it and not die from the Gym's counterattacks. Unfortunately, the Turn X comes with a high percentage of RegeneratingHealth, flanked by two powerful {{Mook}}s with "Support Attack"/"Support Defend" and Gym will cast "Guts"[[note]]Restore HP to max[[/note]] once half his HP is gone (though the latter's due to a triggered event). The field itself has a large group of enemies standing between allied units and the Turn X, on top of a turn limit of 10-18 turns (depending on difficulty).
** The best part? This scenario is the time where the DifficultySpike becomes apparent. Fortunately, in the last few scenarios after that, {{Breather Level}}s kick in, only for the game to be rendered cruel again, particularly scenarios 42, 43 and 45 (ESPECIALLY 43). However, despite its ThatOneLevel status, Turn X is merely a WakeUpCallBoss.

!Character-specific YMMV
!!Ryusei Date
* HoYay: Mainly with Rai, especially to the point it becomes a RunningGag for fans.
** {{Robosexual}}: The other RunningGag is he seems more interested romantically with HumongousMecha than human girls. Oddly, this doesn't extend to {{Artificial Human}}s though, like [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Lamia Loveless]].

!!Raidiese F. Branstein
* HoYay: It should be noted Ryusei's by far [[{{Seme}} the more aggresive of this]] in the {{running gag}}s.
** And if it's not that, Rai's usually geting pegged as a paedophile.

!!Ingram Plisken
* [[spoiler: MagnificentBastard]]
* [[spoiler: ThatOneBoss]]: [[spoiler: R-Gun Rivale in ''Original Generation''. In spite of the machine having more health than the game displays, the scenario it appears in grants it powerful, low-cost weaponry, RegeneratingHealth and a protective Warp Field that halves all damage. Worse, in order to achieve the Battle Mastery for the scenario, you must lower its HP to zero in seven turns. What most players find so difficult about the Rivale isn't so much that it's ThatOneBoss, but there was never any build-up to it appearing at all]].

!!Kusuha Mizuha
* [[AmericansHateTingle Americans Are "Meh" About Kusuha]]: The majority of the international fanbase only know Kusuha via the ''Original Generation'' games via the UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance, where not only is she unpopular due to her constant DamselInDistress issues, but is statistically a below-average pilot. A fair cop in that context - Kusuha basically gets into trouble like the "partner" character from ''Alpha'', rather than the protagonist, thus her skill set and stats aren't what they were in ''Alpha''. This also frustrates those more familiar with the franchise, because they know she's much more capable in her own games (or even in the ''Second Original Generation'').
* {{Moe}}: A popular opinion about her, particularly among Japanese fans. In the ''Alpha'' games, this often makes something of a contrast to her [[BadassAdorable quiet, yet relentless badassitude]].

!!Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield
* RetroactiveRecognition: After years of Creator/TomokazuSugita shaping himself up as the ur-DeadpanSnarker voice actor (like [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Kyon]] and {{Manga/Gintama}}) and a lot of badass roles (such as [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge]]), it'll be a surprise that Bullet is one of his earlier roles, and he's more or less a meek, occasionally shy everyday guy who's often the ButtMonkey.

!!Leona Garstein
* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: In the ''Divine Wars'' TV series for ''Original Generation'', Leona participates in the final battle between the Earth Federation Army and United Colony Corps; in the games, she's ordered not to by her commander [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Julia Heinkel]].
** Additionally, in the manga ''Record of ATX'', Leona and few surviving members of the Troye Unit make the decision to join up with the ''Hagane'' and ''Hiryu Custom'' battleships right before the Divine Crusaders invades Geneva, Switzerland (Federation government headquarters). While Leona does the same thing in ''Divine Wars'', only after the DC has been defeated in Geneva does she wind up aligning with the heroes (in this case, her cousin Elzam had to persuade her).

!!Sanger Zonvolt
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: So many to list that he's Banpresto's walking embodiment of it.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Oh, so very much. He cements his popularity as the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' representative for ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone''.
* MemeticBadass: Contributes to how fans hail him
** MemeticMutation: "Real men ride each other", but also "[[http://daitrombe.net/image/tag?tag=daicensor Daicensor]]"

!!Ibis Douglas
* MemeticMutation: "Ibis is love", and on certain Imageboards, threads featuring Ibis are called "Love Threads".
* {{Moe}}: Actually '''won''' the 2006 ''Saimoe'' RPG tournament!

!!Sleigh Presty
* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: ''The Inspector'' AnimatedAdaptation took steps to rewrite her portrayal in ''Original Generation 2'', including her rivalry with Ibis. After escaping from the Tesla-Leicht Institute, [[spoiler:Sleigh sticks around to not only protect the Tesla-Leicht transports from the [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsClassic Inspectors]] (as Ibis' Calion is shot down in the previous episode and Kusuha decides to not deploy in her Grungust Type-3), but to later witness Ibis handle the Astelion with considerable talent. Sleigh realizes Ibis is more committed to Project Terrestrial Dream than she is and chooses to join up with Ratsel on the ''Kurogane'' battleship instead of [[WhatTheHellHero fleeing to the Neo Divine Crusaders]]. When Sanger and Ratsel assault Tesla-Leicht to liberate it from the Inspectors, Sleigh assists them; however, she opts to retreat back to the ''Kurogane'' instead of joining up with Ibis and Tsugumi]]. Most players agree ''The Inspectors'' handled this much better than ''Original Generation 2''.
* FoeYay, LesYay: With Ibis; a source of frustration for her as her odds at landing a guy aren't looking good when she's surrounded by plenty of girls.

!!Arado Balanga
* OT3: The fandom likes to pair Arado, Seolla and Cobray together as a...er, "happy trio".

!!Seolla Schweizer
* OT3: Some fans present Seolla as someone who doesn't mind... "switching" between her long-time partner Arado and their friend Cobray.

* [[spoiler:CrowningMusicOfAwesome]]: [[spoiler:"Twin Icon", a {{Leitmotif}} designed to strike the fear of a PhysicalGod in you]].
* LesYay: With Ibis
* {{Moe}}: No one can say they don't want to hug her when she smiles.
* [[spoiler:UncannyValley]]: [[spoiler:In her persona as Nashim Gan Eden, when she opens her eyes, they become unusually big]].

!!Touma Kanou
* CounterpartComparison: With Bullet; lampshaded in ''Alpha 3'', wherein upon completing all routes in the game, a special scenario featuring the OriginalGeneration has [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha3 Minaki Tomine]] and Kusuha notice the vocal and facial similarities between the two, wondering if they're related.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoVgtqzSnLw "Shippu Jinrai"]] ("Swift Wind, Divine Thunder"), his second {{Leitmotif}} upon receiving the [=DaiRaiOh=] and one of the best tracks in the game.

!!Cobray Gordon
* {{OT3}}: Gets paired up with Seolla in fan works, and sometimes Arado is there "assisting" them.

!!Selena Recital
* EpilepticTrees: "Who exactly IS she????" barely covers the numerous questions about her identity and involvement in ''Alpha 3''.
* GodNeverSaidThat: The fact that so little of her back-story has led to all sorts of WildMassGuessing being made about where she really comes from. The "[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Shadow-Mirror]] Theory", one of the more popular ones, is also one of the most implausible.

!!Ze Balmary Empire
* MemeticBadass: [[Characters/SuperRobotWarsAlpha3 Baran Doban]] is second only to Sanger for being the badass of ''Alpha''.
* NightmareFuel: [[spoiler:Keisar Ephes]]..."End of the Galaxy" final attack: AAAAAHHH!!!
** [[spoiler:The [[Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon Ideon]] Ending plays up the ''Be Invoked'' movie, but instead of AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence, Keisar Ephes swoops in, corrupts [[Anime/SpaceRunawayIdeon Messiah]] and takes over every soul, condemning them all to his personal Hell as his playthings. No MindScrew here: what's clear is that you're going to Hell]]. '''YIKES'''.

!!Euzeth Gozzo
* FridgeBrilliance: The reason he acts so calmly and laughs at his impending death in ''Alpha''? [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration He knows]] [[MyDeathIsOnlyTheBeginning this isn't the end for him]]]]. His death quote even {{lampshades}} it:
--> "[[spoiler:[[AllAccordingToPlan Hah hah hah, excellent, it's all according to my plan]]]]."
* MagnificentBastard