YMMV / Super Mario Land

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Fanon says that Tatanga was merely hired by Wario to kidnap Daisy, such that when Mario goes to Sarasaland to save her, Wario could enter Mario's castle and take over his country. The instruction manual for "Six Golden Coins" does indeed say that Wario took over Mario Land during the events of the first game, but does not say whether Tatanga was working under his hire. However, Tatanga reappears in SML2, guarding one of the titular Golden Coins for Wario, lending credence to the theory.
    • Biokinton, the boss of Chai Kingdom, is described in the manual as a creature so shy that no one has ever seen his body, which is obscured entirely by the cloud he hides in. While nothing is explicitly shown, the fact that Tatanga appears right after Biokinton is beaten - and fights you in the same arena - has led some to speculate that Biokinton was merely an assumed identity for the flying invader. It helps that, according to the manual, when Tatanga first appeared in Sarasaland, he emerged from a cloud. Biokinton is the only cloud in the game, and when you defeat him, Tatanga emerges...
  • Awesome Music: Despite being a really short game compared to the series' other games, it had really great music.
  • Common Knowledge: Whenever a fan brings up Sarasaland, they would often claim that it's a desert kingdom. They're about a quarter right, as Birabuto is a desert (based on Ancient Egypt to be precise). Sarasaland also has other terrain like oceans (Muda), mountains (Easton), and Ancient China (Chai).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Vindicated by History: This game, along with its sequel, were acclaimed and sold well in their day, but fell into Canon Discontinuity due to their non-contemporary settings and being overall weird games that also lacked the involvement of series mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto. In 2015, when Nintendo celebrated the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Land and its sequel, were included among the more iconic traditional games in the timeline. Fans have also become more appreciative of both games' creativity, atypical plotlines and settings, while still staying true (for the most part) to the traditional fun gameplay of the franchise.