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YMMV: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
  • Cult Classic: Due to its insane difficulty and similarity to the original Super Mario Bros., it doesn't get as much universal love as the other games in the series. Those who do love it, however, love it for exactly the reasons listed prior.
  • It's Hard, so It Sucks: Part of why the game wasn't exported, and why it had poor reception amongst Western players after it was Remade for the Export. Even Miyamoto himself disliked the Sequel Difficulty Spike. The other reason is that...
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Wasn't just a fan reaction. The #1 reason Nintendo decided not to export the Famicom version to the US was that they didn't think such an obvious Mission Pack Sequel would sell well in the States (note that simply being Nintendo Hard didn't stop them from exporting any other games back then).
  • Painful Rhyme: The poem you get after beating 8-4, which also appears in Vs. Super Mario Bros.:
    Peace is paved/With kingdom saved/Hurrah to Marionote /Our only hero/This ends your trip/Of a long friendshipnote 
  • Porting Disaster: The GBC port on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe isn't necessary unplayable, but it strips several features from the original, which is not brought up in-game or in the manual. Luigi as presented in the original is not available (you can switch between him and Mario on the world map, but he's merely a Palette Swap in this version), worlds 9 through D are absent, the game uses Super Mario Bros. 1's physics (no high bounce out of enemies) and graphics, the wind mechanic is removed, and the smaller screen introduces some serious Fake Difficulty.

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