• 8.8: IGN scored the game at 7.5, complementing the basic gameplay concept, but criticizing the lack of innovation (apparently the Body Surf ability wasn't enough) and cheesy "hacker movie" storyline. Notably (and tellingly), their review is one of the few not to include the phrase "It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years."
  • Awesome Music: Psy Pawłowa by Republika, which plays during the credits, is rather catchy.
  • Ear Worm: SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT. Even ignoring the fact that one of the extras on the menu has a manually-controlled version of this screen flash, you won't be able to get it out of your head. This is intentional.
  • It's Short, so It Sucks: A common complaint. The story can be completed in under 2 hours, and the Speedrun challenges have you attempt to do that in even less time. However, some argue that the story is just an Excuse Plot and the main focus is on the gameplay.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT." Usually in response to anything that had super or hot in it.
    • "Superhot is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!" Comes from the ending, where you're told to spread the word about the game.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Without even showing the face of your friend during the dialogue sections, it becomes a combination of this and a Tear Jerker when they end up blocking you because your responses keep getting changed to "SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT" against your friend's request.
    • The game finishes with you killing your real-world body and becoming one with everyone else who has gone the same route as you.
    • Being trapped in a pixelated, low-resolution prison is terrifying enough on it's own, but for fans of Imscared it's bound to trigger some flashbacks.
    • The fact that, judging by the last level, even the organization in charge of the Superhot program can no longer control it.
    • The presence of police cars in the fourth level implies that, for at least that level, most of the enemies you kill are police officers. Think about it; who exactly else have you been killing?
    • Just the general idea that you've been taking control of people all this time and forcing them to kill their own friends.
    • The extra videos can be a little disturbing, specifically the third one. It's a trailer for an April Fools' Day game called "Ready Steady Mental", the point of which is to scream and shake your head as much as possible for 10 seconds. The nightmare fuel part comes from the fact that the trailer is nothing but people shaking and screaming while a distorted text-to-speech narrator assures the viewer that the people are completely fine, and the fact that the game involves doing just that never brought up, making it seem like the narrator is lying. On top of that, the game's title only flashes briefly once during the trailer, which many people miss and assume the trailer is for Superhot.
  • That One Level: The third level in both the prototype and the expanded version of the game will have you at the end of a hallway, without a weapon. The weapon is at the other end, sitting in front of three enemies shooting at you. You have to dodge their bullets to reach it. Considered by some to be one of the most difficult levels (for the time being...).
  • Paranoia Fuel: The idea that whoever is behind the titular program is constantly watching you, the player. Even after finishing the game and fulfilling their request to spread word of the game under the influence of hypnosis.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: A game where you dodge bullets in slow mo, fight many, completely identical enemies at once, has a meta element in that the game is an In-Universe program, and the player is basically superhuman (in this case, able to slice bullets in midair, among other things). Are you sure this wasn't based on The Matrix?