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YMMV: Super Gals
  • Crazy Awesome: Tatsuki routinely does things that would be dumb if not for the way he does it, and Ran loves him for this. In one occasion, some time after having promised Ran that whenever she'd need his help he would fly to her even if he were on the other side of the world, he discovered she needed his help, but he was at home at Machida and the train to Shibuyanote  is down for maintenance. The smart thing would be wait for the train to be back in 30 minutes tops. Tatsuki borrowed a bike, pedalled all the way from Machida to Shibuya, and took off on the last tract to land right before Ran. Sure, it took more time than just waiting the train, but it was so cool nobody dared to point it out.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Season 2 Yuuya telling Mami that he loved only her.
    • Yamato finally proposing to Miyu at the end of season one.

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