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YMMV / Super Dimension Century Orguss

  • Angst? What Angst?: Kei is told fairly early on that the Emaan get over death very quickly. And by "very quickly" we mean within two minutes.
  • Awesome Music: "Sky Hurricane" by Casey Rankin, 80's feel-good music with very catchy chorus that's Surprisingly Good English. "Where are you going, when are you coming home..."
  • Fridge Logic: How in the world do Emaan keep their population up when their females become barren by the age of 18? Leads into Fridge Horror when you form suspicions as to how...
  • Narm: The Emaan recognize Kei as a "tokuiten" soon after his arrival. The word can be translated as "singularity"; Imagin Asian used "Idiosyncratic Point". US Renditions, the original English-language licensee for Orguss used... "Differentiated Idioblast" — a translation choice that would live in infamy.
    • One for Orguss 02. The one line used to finally convince someone to get on a train to safety? Rendered in the dub as "GO BEFORE I THROW YOU DOWN ON THE GROUND AND RAPE YA!"
  • Signature Scene: Bordering on Signature Move, the Orguss' famous final Arm Cannon shot to the enemy's side. Shown during the climax of the opening song, it features as the Dynamic Kill of the Orguss' strongest attack in Super Robot Wars Z.