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YMMV: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: The motives behind Hanamura's murder of Togami made readers who were previously disgusted by his horndog personality feel sorry for him. The execution didn't really help matters.
    • Monomi is more of an in-universe Scrappy, being seen as nothing more than annoyance even at the best of times. Then she finally starts to Get Dangerous in Chapter 5, starting to talk back to Monokuma in such a way to even shut him up, continuing on with trying to cover for Nanami when she's being outed as The Mole and even fighting back against Monokuma when he tries to execute her, only failing after finding out that he vastly outnumbers her. When he finally decides to execute her, too, she finally accepts her fate and gives one final pep talk to the survivors before going off with Nanami to face her execution as everyone seems to have softened up to her a bit.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • How much of what Komaeda says and does is real, and how much is a lie? It doesn't help that the character in question freely acknowledges after revealing their past in free time that they could be lying — but are they being honest about lying, or trying to backtrack after realizing they might've revealed too much? Supplementary materials support the latter interpretation more, but it's still debated rather frequently.
    • Assuming the latter interpretation is true for the above, to what extent (if any) is Komaeda's behavior influenced by his dementia?
    • There is also the common debate on whether Komaeda was justified in trying in trying to kill everyone after finding out the truth. It mostly comes down to how responsible the students were for their actions as SHSL Despair.
    • Izuru Kamukura is a magnet for this, not surprising given how little screentime the guy has. Is he a victim like the others of Enoshima or an accomplice? How much of Hinata actually remains in him? And what did he mean by him "using" the Enoshima AI? It doesn't help that much of the information about him is given by rather dubious sources and that even the creators don't seem to have full knowledge of who he was.
  • Anvilicious: Specifically "Bullying is bad".
    • A running theme about the pasts of the new cast is how badly being bullied has messed them up or those around them.
    • Saionji, the resident bully is A) a victim of bullying herself by her family which caused her father to go mad and B) ends up going through a major case of Break the Haughty due to Losing her Morality Pet, being framed for the death of said dear friend, and then ends up being killed by her favorite victim before she has a chance to atone in any way (for seeing said victim commit murder, not as revenge for Saionji's actions).
    • The "video game" motive is about how Kuzuryu's sister was killed because of how she bullied her peers.
    • All these victims of bullying fell into despair and subsequently destroyed the world.
    • Also a case of Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped due to the belief that School Bullying Is Harmless, which is what was the most common form of bullying described here, as it is a largely high-school based setting and is about teenagers.
  • Awesome Music: See here.
  • Base Breaker: Komaeda seems to be this. People either love him or hate him, with very little in-between.
    • Hanamura. His pervert personality is either a humorous addition to him as a character or it causes him to stray into Dude, Not Funny! territory at times.
  • Broken Base: The LP translation for this game on the Something Awful forums includes several attempts at Cultural Translation, which have been met with mixed reactions; for example, there are accusations that the translation is overly liberal to the point of harming characterisation.
  • Counterpart Comparison: The most popular One True Threesome is between a guy likes wearing purple, fancy's himself an aspiring villain who fights with magic, has streaks in his hair (most prominently on his forelock), and wears a scarf, a sweet-tempered princess who has a surprising love for what most consider horrifying, and a guy who wears yellow, switches between moods at the drop of a hat, has a lot of shark-like teeth, and is great at fixing things for those around him. Now who does one think of first: Tanaka, Sonia, and Souda, or Eridan, Feferi, and Sollux?
  • Crossover Ship: Komaeda with N Harmonia.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Downplayed. Fans tend to gloss over the fact that Tanaka murdered Nidai largely in cold blood. Of course, there was also the fact that everyone would have starved to death otherwise, and both he and Nidai mutually decided to attempt to kill the other, to their faces - Tanaka was the winner, so the Sympathetic Murderer angle is very present in canon, though he isn't as saintly as people portray him; he is aware that what he did is still murder and accepts his punishment.
    • Komaeda manages to be this and Ron the Death Eater (see Base Breaker). Some of his most ardent fans downplay the danger his Blue and Orange Morality poses to the other students, while his worst haters ignore his good intentions, self-sacrificing nature and likely mental illness and describe him as a straight-up villain. Fortunately both sides are a minority in their respective camps. Part of the problem comes in translation bias, as many translations made some of his dialogue much harsher than it was actually supposed to be.
    • Bizzarly enough, Izuru Kamurura gets this from people, who see him as yet another one of Enoshima's victims. This is despite much of the information about him coming from unreliable sources, with what we do know painting him as a nihilistic mass murderer who worked with Enoshima out of apathy for others.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Like the original, every character is this to some circle and a Base Breaker to others, but Kuzuryuu's sister (who is only ever mentioned, only actually being seen dead in a picture during chapter 2) has people who roleplay her as well as a decent amount of fanart. There is also the somewhat-popular fanon of her given name being Fuyuki (to match her brother Fuyuhiko).
    • Of the main cast, Tanaka and Mioda are the most prominent darkhorses in the Japanese fandom, judging from how the amount of merchandise they get is on par with main characters of Hinata, Nanami, and Komaeda.
    • On the American side, many absolutely love Chiaki to death, with Ibuki not falling so far behind. Sonia also has a decent following.
  • Even Better Sequel: By virtue of making many upgrades to content and presentation without losing any of what made the first one so popular (namely the large cast of interesting character's who each have some Hidden Depths and creative murders/executions) many fans view the game as one of these, which is why they are so anxious for the upcoming dub and potential anime adaption (based on the animated Dangan Ronpa's Sequel Hook of Usami at the end of the series). Even the staff seems to believe this trope applies.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Tons, both in regards to the students past as SHSL Despair as well as the implication that the comatose students will eventually wake up.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Hinata/Komaeda or Komahina and Hinata/Nanami or Hinanami are Hinata's most popular ships.
    • Kuzuryuu/Pekoyama or Kuzupeko is fairly consistently well-liked by the fandom, possibly for the canonical (going by Peko's Dangan Island ending) Bodyguard Crush status.
    • Sonia/Tanaka or Sondam has quite a fan following too. This can turn into a OT 3 with Souda.
    • Also Ibuki/Twogami aka Heir Guitar or K-Ton based on some little bits of Ship Tease in Canon they had before he was murdered and during the massive glitch in chapter 5.
    • In the Japanese fandom, Junko Enoshima gets paired up with Kamukura Izuru. Often portraying as an Outlaw Couple, given their history and technically being on the same team, SHSL Despair, and that they're the main antagonists. They're also Not So Different. Though this gets mixed with Foe Yay taking in the events that Kamukura wants revenge against Enoshima. In the final trial, when Hinata rebounds from Enoshima's Break Them by Talking, she will sometimes yell Kamukura's name during her final battle with Hinata(strongly hinted to have merged with Kamukura). From Dangan Ronpa Zero, in the prologue, Enoshima wanted someone to have the same amount of despair as she did, the student she was hinted to be thinking of was most likely Kamukura Izuru.
  • Foe Yay: Though she might not be serious, Enoshima's AI tends to display a rather excited and flustered attitude whenever Naegi resists her attempts at despair.
    • Towards the end of chapter 4 Komaeda begins to antagonize the remaining students, it is also during this time, that Komaeda tells Hinata that even after that's been discovered after completing the Final Dead Game, Komaeda stills holds a soft spot for Hinata. However, it doesn't stop his plans on killing on the remaining SHSL Despair members, which includes Hinata as well. It gets worst from the start of chapter five, all the way until Komaeda's death. If you do Komaeda's final fifth free time event, it is the very last time Komaeda and Hinata get one last meaningful one-on-one time. Before it ends, Komaeda nearly does a love confession to Hinata, but backs out at the last minute. Not too soon after does his plan begin, and Komaeda begins to antagonize Hinata again.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Komaeda's strange behavior can be seen as this when it's later revealed that he most likely is actually suffering from dementia.
    • Similarly, try laughing at Tsumiki's clumsy girl status after her Free Time Events state she does it intentionally out of a desperation for attention.
    • Many of Akane Owari's habits and casual references to some parts of her life can be this after you learn about her past. See Iron Woobie below.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The loud, creaking sound of the ship carrying the members of SHSL Despair rocking from side to side in Chapter 0. It persists throughout most of the scene, meaning that it can also tread into Most Annoying Sound territory.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Komaeda towards Hinata. Komaeda's feelings towards Hinata are clearly confirmed in the Drama CD, but in the actual game we have several instances:
      • In Chapter 2, when Hinata goes to bring Komaeda breakfast while the latter's been tied up at the site of Togami's murder, he reacts by asking if Hinata will feed him, noting that he can't use his hands and asking a girl would be embarrassing, so he's glad that Hinata's there instead. He later reacts with audible disappointment when Hinata storms off before feeding him.
      • In Chapter 3: To provide a motive for murder, Monokuma spreads a weird "despair disease", and it has a different nasty effect depending on who catches it (Owari ends up crying uncontrollably, Mioda is extremely gullible, etc.). Komaeda also catches it, and it makes him spout nothing but crazy lies. When Hinata visits everyone in the hospital, Komaeda tells Hinata to go away because he doesn't want to see Hinata's face. Now keep in mind Komaeda says this while telling nothing but lies. Speaking to him again after this even causes him to smile.
      • In Dangan Island, one of the suggestions Hinata can make to Komaeda at the beach is stripping (to go swimming). Komaeda remarks he'd rather not go swimming, but he wouldn't mind if Hinata just wanted to see him naked. In fact, several of his Dangan Island events are like this, ranging from getting flustered while sitting next to Hinata to admitting that even silence is enjoyable when he's with Hinata.
      • Perhaps the biggest example, though, is in his final free time event. His last line begins as a confession to Hinata, but ultimately he backs out, instead saying that he loves the hope sleeping within Hinata from the bottom of his heart.
    • Souda's insistence on Hinata being his "Soul Friend/Soul Mate," especially considering that Hinata might be one of the few people in the game that can stand him, and that in chapter two he gives Hinata a very revealing swimsuit (to match with his, even!) for his plan to crash the girls' beach party, can easily make their interactions come across as this. Hell, in chapter four, Souda even briefly has a breakup of sorts with Hinata over him leading them into Monokuma's trap. Then he turns to Komaeda for a little while, whose sheer amounts of Ho Yay have been detailed on this page.
    • Hinata and Kuzuryuu get this as well, starting when Hinata outright mentions that Kuzuryuu has a baby face in the character introductions. Hell, in Kuzu's final Free Time Event, he and Hinata even become blood brothers! Kuzuryuu gets mad if you ask if he's proposing, but it still feels a lot like an actual proposal. His remark about giving Hinata half of his life and later declaring that Hinata's life is already his in Dangan Island brings Ed's proposal to Winry to mind.
    • Gundam's Dangan Island ending has him state that he wants to live a quiet life with his hamsters, their families... and Hinata. He refers to him as his "soul's chosen companion" and declares that until he dies, Hinata must "stay by [his] side as [his] slave/manservant/sacrifice/housekeeper/friend".
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming:
    • K-Ton for Mioda/Twogami, a pun on Togami's nickname from Saionji (sometimes translated as Piggyfeet) and the direct translation of Mioda's talent.
    • Soapies also gets used to refer to Saionji/Koizumi, based on the LP's translation of Saionji wanting to drag Koizumi into the shower with her.
  • Iron Woobie:
    • Komaeda. His entire life has been one long Trauma Conga Line, but he keeps going due to his belief in hope—though whether it's genuine or just something he tells himself is another matter entirely. The "iron" part may be subverted in that he reveals at the end of his Dangan Island events that he actually wants to die to escape his cycle of good and bad luck. Given the amount of trouble he causes, and his behavior after learning his classmates are responsible for the Crapsack World state of current affairs, he could also qualify as a Jerkass Woobie.
    • Akane Owari has dealt with perverts, poverty, and being surrounded by death for much of her life. Her funny Big Eater traits? She was regularly starving as a kid. Her Innocent/Shameless Fanservice Girl moments? Sexual harassment was the norm for her. Her Accidental Misnaming? People around her died or left her life so often that she doesn't have any reason to memorize names. Basically, she's Conditioned to Accept Horror. And her developing a powerful mentor/student relationship and rivalry with Nidai throughout the game? He winds up dying twice to save her (along with everyone else from certain starvation in chapter 4's case).
  • It Was His Sled:
    • Pekoyama is Kuzuryuu's Bodyguard Babe, who only considers herself a tool for his advancement. Keep in mind that this is only revealed during this character's final appearance before dying. Most official group art outright give away their status as a pair, despite the fact that its supposed to be something you are not supposed to know if you haven't played the game.
    • Also, Komaeda having...very questionable morals and an obsession with hope. This revealed fairly early on, but is a major twist that has very significant ramifications on the plot and heavily changes both the player and Hinata's view on him as a person.
    • The fact that "Byakuya Togami" is really an imposter is also well known. This is different, as the actual revelation isn't very important to the plot, but is actually revealed very late into the story.
    • Hinata being Izuru Kamukura is something very well known among the Japanese fanbase.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Like original game. Hinata, our protagonist, has been paired with ALL the characters in the game and even a few from the first Danga Ronpa. It leads to the fan joke that, thanks to his underwear collection, Hinata's true talent is being a pimp.
  • Les Yay:
    • Saionji and Koizumi. It can be interpreted as simple friendship on Koizumi's part, but Saionji's clinginess and excitement at giving her friend "soapies" are more suggestive. On a more serious note, until the third chapter, Koizumi is the only other student Saionji treats with a measure of friendliness. Examining the dead students' final thoughts even reveals that Saionji seemed to think of "big sis Koizumi" just before her death.
    • In Chapter 3, Tsumiki, who murdered Saionji and Mioda, claims she did it for the sake of a person she loved. Towards the end of the game, it's implied that this person was Junko Enoshima.
    • Also, in Chapter 2, its stated that Koizumi had a very close friendship with a girl named Satou during the students normal time at the academy, so much so that Satou murdered Kuzuryuu's sister because she was bullying Koizumi. The following line, around the time Koizumi confronted Satou about the evidence and what she'd done, most likely was a case of Satou being evasive, but you have to wonder, given the circumstances.
    Satou: So why did you call me over here? Don't tell me- you're going to confess your love to me?
  • Memetic Mutation: Can be found here along with the memes from its predecessor.
  • Never Live It Down: Oh boy.
    • Komaeda is definitely the worst in this regard, as the events of the story have made many people label him as a evil sociopath who's whole character is based around HOPE and wanting Hinata-Kun's dick. This despite the fact that literally everything, from statements in the main story to the bonus Dangan Island mode making it very clear this is not true.
    • Kuzuryuu cried only a handful of times over Pekoyama's death and yet much of the fandom in the west seem to think he's literally incapable of doing anything without her.
    • Koizumi's introduction had her telling Hinata to act more like a man, and after Monokuma takes over, she arranges a girls-only get-together. The fandom promptly labelled her a misandrist and treat her supposedly hating men as one of her key character traits.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Izuru Kamukura only appears in one scene, not counting Hinata's hallucinations in the final trial, and yet is very popular in the Japanese fandom.
  • One True Threesome:
    • Sonia, Souda and Tanaka are shipped as this.
    • Nanami/Hinata/Komaeda is also rather popular, primarily among the Japanese fandom.
  • Player Punch: As if the circumstances behind the end of the Chapter 5 trial weren't bad enough, the game forces you to manually choose Nanami as the culprit. Sonia begging Hinata to stop doesn't help matters.
  • The Scrappy
    • Hanamura was assigned this from the start thanks to taking Anything That Moves to the extreme to the point where it got grating. Granted, his execution and the circumstances surrounding it earned him some sympathy, but much of it vanished after his Free Time Events, which reveal very little about him and end in him drugging Hinata.
    • Souda also tends to get lumped into this as, while well liked at first for his design and friendship with Hinata, his increasingly creepy behaviour towards Sonia and jealousy of Tanaka's relationship with her got him this reputation. Him distancing himself from Hinata in Chapter over a suggestion that Komaeda made, despite Souda obviously distrusting Komaeda did not get him love, nor did surviving to the final trial over several more likeable students (by virtue of Plot Armor since his talent is the only one besides Hinata/Izuru's that can help revive the comatose students) and getting very little in the way of positive Character Development.
    • Saionji, a Fake Cutie self-centered bully with very little in terms of character development even after her Morality Pet Koizumi died and did nothing to really contribute to any cases before her own death. Not helped by the fact her two main targets both had long and painful histories with being bullied in school, and she is never called out by anyone for her abuse. Even worse, one of her targets ends up killing her, but it's only because Saionji spotted the killer killing someone else and not out of revenge for being a constant victim of Saionji's abuse. It's somewhat telling that in discussions of Chapter 2, more people tend to sympathize with Kuzuryuu (who's largely responsible for the murder), and Pekoyama (the killer) than they do with Saionji.
  • Self-Fanservice:
    • A comparatively minor example occurs with Mioda. She has a stitch running down most of her left thigh, which fan art tends to omit.
    • Strangely inverted by Nanami, who is occasionally drawn as rather chubby, when she's anything but in the actual game.
  • Shocking Swerve: A common complaint about the final trial is that the stuff with Kamukura and the Reserve students comes straight out of nowhere. In actuality, the twist is set Dangan Ronpa Zero, meaning that this only applies if you never read the book. It doesn't help that Zero hasn't been localized yet.
  • Squick: During the final trial, it is indicated that a member of SHSL Despair (Commenly assumed to be Tsumiki) transplanted Enoshima's womb into herself to have her children. Eugh. If anything, however, the localization makes this much worse, as the way it was translated implies that some members had sex with her corpse. Commence Brain Bleach.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Subverted, Hinata is commonly praised as being a much more complex character than Naegi from the first game was. Pretty ironic, given that Hinata's lack of special traits is what inadvertently lead to the plot of the whole franchise.
  • The Woobie:
    • Usami/Monomi, who has to cope with the students' distrust, Monokuma's abuse, and being forced to watch helplessly as he plays out his wicked games.
    • Mikan Tsumiki also qualifies. She's presented as a deliberately-over-the-top example at first, to the point of annoying the players. Then as a meta-example of this trope, she finished in last place the first time the Let's Play thread held a poll to determine who to hang out with during Free Time, which caused some readers to feel so sorry for her that they changed their votes to her during the second poll just because she finished in last place in the first poll. Then she qualifies as a real Woobie for two reasons: first, during a Free Time event you learn that she was picked on and bullied and abused by her peers all the time in her childhood. They would burn cigarette butts on her, use her as a dart board, write on her, etc. And even worse? She put up with all of it and didn't complain because at least when her childhood peers were tormenting her, they were acknowledging her existence and paying attention to her; Mikan has become so conditioned to being abused that she thinks being ignored is worse!!! Even Hinata is disgusted during free time events, thinking to himself that above all, Mikan didn't do anything wrong. Second, she's the murderer of chapter 3 and it's presented as her just going crazy from Monobear's "despair disease" that made her recover lost memories...and later you find out that the memories she recovered were of being a member of Super High-School Level Despair, the group who helped cause the apocalypse, and suddenly you can see why that knowledge guilt-tripped her over the edge of sanity. It's worse when you realize that she only caught the disease because she was doing her best to try to treat her sick friends despite the dangers and caught it from them. And of course, the "one she loved" and wanted to impress? Most likely Junko Enoshima, who, given her personality, likely viewed her as nothing more than a convenient cat's-paw.

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