YMMV / Sunset Riders

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The way Billy idles around in back, blushing during the saloon girls' dance while all the other characters cheer on, front row center. Does he have a thing for one, or all of them and is too bashful to stick around? Has he already got a steady back home? Or is he just a butt-cowboy? Not really elaborated upon any further than that.
    • Bob's tendency to spit out the booze he finds in doorways suggests that he Can't Hold His Liquor, but it may also be because he's used to drinking better stuff and he just can't stand the taste of what he finds.
  • Breather Boss: Paco Loco (along with his stage), especially when compared to Chief Scalpem and El Greco.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cormano.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Bury me with my money."
  • That One Boss:
    • El Greco will empty your pockets if you're not quick on your feet. You'll spend a lot more time repositioning yourself away from his whip range than you will actually shooting him. Did I mention he blocks your bullets with a door hatch?
    • Chief Scalpem. He can block BULLETS with a pair of knives, throw three at a time while jumping, and cut you down with them if you get too close. He's the least predictable boss in the game and is guaranteed to take more than a few lives from you unless you have lightning fast reflexes. The fact that he's also a Karma Houdini only makes it worse.
      • It gets better: those knives have unpredictable hitboxes. One YouTube No-Damage Run notes (after a knife passes straight through his character without injury), "Don't fucking ask how that didn't kill me right there."
    • Sir Richard Rose. Sir Richard fucking Rose. When he's taking cover in his balcony, he can aim at you no matter where you are and his bullets are quick. Add in all the henchmen who keep showing up from all sides and filling the screen with shots, and you're guaranteed to be caught off-guard many times. Once Richard's cover is destroyed, he jumps down from it and begins to leap all over the screen while you try to chase him down with your bullets and dodge everyone's gunfire, which is an incredibly difficult task to pull off. Oh, and did we mention that once you beat Richard for the first time, the fucker does not die? He lies there for a while, making you think you're done with the game, then stands up, laughs at you, and throws off a steel plate he was wearing under his suit. Now you have to kill him all over again.