YMMV / Sun-Ken Rock

  • Awesome Art: There are comicbooks out there that are an artist's nightmare, this is an artist's wet dream.
  • Chaotic Good: The Sun-Ken gang.
  • Ending Aversion: The ending features one Ass Pull of a betrayal and the next events amount to a very unsatisfying and abridged offscreen epilogue. In detail: Yumin betrays Ken at a critical moment and takes over the White Dragon Clan... just because. Ken survives being shot off a skyscraper and spends the next couple of years rebuilding his empire. He hires the protagonists from the Wallman manga to help and destroys the White Dragon Clan, only to hand it back to Yumin later on and retire due to having grown sick of it all. It doesn't help that that it also leaves the fates of certain characters, such as Kae-Lyn and the Wallman leads, up in the air.
  • Gratuitous Rape: Attempted rapes are used as a cheap way to give Ken and friends a reason to deck some asshole in the face once or twice per arc. Ken at one point is even exasperated that he can't seem to make a turn without having to kick some creep off a defenseless woman.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Tae-Soo himself is one. Ever since he made Ken the boss of the team he has been making plot after plot to expand the gang's influence and take over even more territory.
  • Shocking Swerve: During the final battle, Rain claims Yumin is the most manipulative devil he knows as part of his breaking speech to Ken. There is hardly any reason for it to be true, but then Yumin actually betrays Ken from out of nowhere and blasts him out of the building. This twist is just there to spoil his victory, as Yumin herself has no idea why she did it. Ken doesn't even hold a grudge, reasoning betrayal is something that ran in her family and she must have felt conflicted about the White Dragon Clan being destroyed.