YMMV / Sumomo Mo Momo Mo

  • I Am Not Shazam: Momoko, the sayer of Koushi-dono, is not Sumomo, she is only Momoko. Try saying that fast!
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • This was the first anime the "Paffendorf" (Under My Skin Speedycake Mix) meme was put to. Little did it take to move on to Lucky Star...
    • Also: "I'll rock you senseless."
  • Moe: Momoko and later Iroha will sometimes shift into a Moe-blob when mooning over Koushi... which looks a little ridiculous when they're in various martial arts uniforms. Taken to a disturbing level when Unken Inuzuka, Koushi's father with a Heroic Build, becomes one in joy of his son's determination.
  • Tear Jerker: Pretty much the entire last episode. Koushi and Momoko are both poisoned but there is only enough antidote for one person. Momoko passes out first and Koushi can't bring himself to take the antidote as he feels he's worthless. They are both found presumably dead by everyone else shortly thereafter but after a couple of moments Momoko is standing. Koushi, who thought Momoko was nothing but a nuisance the entire series, gave her the antidote and chose to die. Momoko's profound anger over losing Koushi causes her to go insane and put up a match for the Big Bad. Her sadness affects her fighting, though, and just as she's about to be killed, Koushi awakens and looks up. The Big Bad senses it and is distracted long enough for Momoko to finally successfully pull off her clan's ultimate martial arts technique. After the fight is over she is still sad, but as they turn Koushi over they see the poison is gone from his body and Momoko faints.