YMMV / Summon Night

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The Swordcraft Story subseries is most well-known in the west for the Gay Options.
  • Demonic Spiders: Ghost Summoners in Summon Night 3. They are immune to all status effects including possession, can teleport, and ARE NOT squishy wizards. They are found in both plot and non-plot battles. Their prevalence is also justified by the plot.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Aty, the female protagonist from fan-favorite Summon Night 3 fits. Not only did she return alongside Rexx as teachers for the new characters in Summon Night 5, she was also in Project X Zone 2 as a solo unit and was consequently the only non-spinoff Summon Night character to be known to western audiences before 5's surprise localization. Her amount of fanart in comparison to the rest of the cast says it all, and that predates the crossover title.
  • Game-Breaker: The MP restoring party skill in Summon Night 3. Once you earned that skill, the playing field changes dramatically. You no longer need to be as conservative with your casters and can win just about any battle solely via attrition. In Summon Night 4, this was moved down to be the last unlockable skill. It's less of a game breaker there due to the comparatively lowered difficulty.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In Summon Night 4, Glad will keep his Block wait stance if you de-level him via Xiao-Mei's Book of Rectification.
  • More Popular Spinoff: Due to the first being localized, the Swordcraft Story games has better reception in English-speaking fanbase, to the point that most comment on the newer Summon Night games complain that it's a "generic strategy RPG".
  • No Export for You:
    • Not surprising given Flight-Plan's lack of distribution capabilities and publisher Banpresto still have independent policy apart from Bandai (remember, this is before Bandai Namco era).
    • Surprisingly averted in the case of Summon Night 5, thanks to Gaijinworks.
  • That One Level: Summon Night 3: Chapter 12's second battle. It's more than just a standard double whammy double stage (after a battle that included FOUR named enemies). Here you start with two WOUNDED guest characters (cutting your own party down to six) whom start nearly surrounded, and both of them must survive in addition to the usual We Cannot Go On Without You. It doesn't help that almost all the enemies can deal some of the more crippling Standard Status Effects with their attacks, are immune to most of them, and have ludicrously high TEC granting them ridiculously high hit/evade and critical hit rates. To top it all off, the enemies here will begin to charge your party after a set number of turns have passed meaning you can't take your sweet time. If you are not planning on Level Grinding and are attempting a Brave Clear, you will NEED a certain expensive accessory for ALL six of your party members to guard against the status effects just to even have a decent chance. Less if you are using the immune to Standard Status Effects Optional Party Member robots. Let's hope you didn't saved right after the previous battle without an earlier save...