YMMV / Sukeban Deka

  • Complete Monster: Remi Mizuchi and her family orchestrate the deaths of over sixty of the sisters' classmates to make room for the kids of possible financial benefactors for the father, Gozo's, political career. Remi is quite good at putting on the façade of being the White Sheep, which she uses this to her advantage when she decides to brainwash her students for her personal army. She then gives Ayumi a rigged shotgun, steals all her money, has one of her brainwashed lackeys kill Emi and Gozo, and then laughs about "her poor sisters." During her rooftop battle with Saki, Remi drops the princess facade and reveals her true Ax-Crazy tendencies as she savages Saki with a whip while screaming at her about her supposedly insane mother.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The first opening of the TV series, Shiroi hono, by Yuki Saito.
  • Les Yay: Between Saki and Junko. Later, there's Foe Yay between Saki and Remi in the manga, and at some point the two sleep together.
    • Tae and Kotomi in the 2006 film.