YMMV / Suicide Island

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Multiple characters, though the general interpretation question for all of them is: did these people really want to die when they signed the waiver? Or were most of them simply in a dark place, temporarily incapable of seeing any type of improvement coming and just wanted to take a break from everything?
    • Kai. Is he really a Nietzsche Wannabe who thinks humanity, including himself, should all die? Or is he simply a young man who was broken by something in his past and could redeem himself?
  • Critical Research Failure: Sei and Liv harvest several herbs to eat as salad, including leopard plant and tree fern sprouts. Those two plants are carcinogenic, and the latter can cause cyanide poisoning, as the scanlator points out.
  • Uncanny Valley: The art-style in general. It's decent and the scenery looks wonderful, it's the people that end up looking a bit... unsettling at times. It likely has to do with the sketchy drawing style, alongside the heavy emphasis and big noses that the characters can look a bit uncomforting to some readers.