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YMMV: Sugar Creek Gang
  • Fair for Its Day - Kindness towards the disabled was a theme in some of the books, putting them a little ahead of their time. Also, one of the boys learns the hard way that girls aren't all the gender stereotype he'd assumed they were (in this case, easily grossed out and frightened of bugs).
  • Unfortunate Implications - It's implied in many of the books that non-Christians are either bad people, or people with serious issues.
    • For example, when the gang rescues a kidnapped 5-year-old who was Bound and Gagged and wrapped in a blanket, the narrator (one of the gang) says "there are some people in this world who have no respect for God or people."
    • On the "people with issues" side, one latecomer to the gang is said to be angry and mean to people before he converts to Christianity, due to having not been raised Christian and having an atheist father.
  • Values Dissonance - The treatment of girls and some racist elements show the time the books were written. This could be one reason a tomboyish girl was added in the movies.
    • One "of-the-times" example of this is here.

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