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YMMV: Sugar Bits
  • Arc Fatigue: Hansel, Bo, Brave and the others have been fighting Licorice's forces for nearly half the comic...and they're still not done!
    • Finally finished in 2012. Keep in mind, the fight started around 2008, took four years to get through it. And the characters never moved from the area when it first started neither.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A kinda sorta example, Brave.
    • Gene as well. Even critics who tore the series apart in their reviews were willing to admit that they liked him and wished he had more focus.
  • Toy Ship: Hansel and Bo again.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In one of the recent strips, a fat guy named Boobear shows up and asks a little girl named Ginger if she wants to come home with him. Four strips later, she even argues with herself (long story) over whether or not he was a pedophile. The clincher? The author usually draws himself in the same way as the character.

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