YMMV: Sufjan Stevens

  • Broken Base: "Which Sufjan album is his Magnum Opus", with absolutely every single one of his main releases inbetween Michigan and Carrie & Lowell inspiring a near equal number of fervent arguments from fans. With critics the competition is mainly in-between Illinois and C&W, the latter being his most critically acclaimed album to date (albeit by one measly point)
  • Fridge Horror: Listeners who aren't familiar with Illinois history and/or don't pay close enough attention to the lyrics may have this kind of reaction when they realize that "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." is a song about a serial killer.
  • Ho Yay: Many songs could be interpreted this way. Some, however, are right out: "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades" is frequently cited as an example, but Sufjan has been pretty upfront about the real meaning and it has nothing to do with romance.
    • "Futile Devices" can be read this way as well.