YMMV / String Theory

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Schtein refusing to help the prison skinheads and telling them to fuck off even while he's in a chokehold. As long as you ignore what happens right after that, when it turns into Nightmare Fuel.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "Admit it, you totally wanted to make out, like...bunches!"
  • Expy: Schtein, of Dr. Strangelove, appearance-wise. His grandfather seems to be an amalgamation of Werner von Braun and Isaac Asimov.
  • Foe Yay: Dr. Schtein and Dr. Benjamin Langstrom have this in spades. Even as a delirium tremens-induced hallucination, Langstrom has a tendency to address Schtein as 'Hervy' and 'darling'.
    • Given that it has been revealed that Langstrom was secretly homosexual, the subtext is probably intentional.
    • Schtein's interactions with Aryan thug Drew MacManus have a bit of this as well; both get very handsy with each other, even the germaphobic Schtein. Schtein even straddles him right before the stabbing begins.
    MacManus: You disrespected me, so I'm not really content with merely beating your ass, boy. I'm pretty much gonna have to break you. By the time I'm done, you'll be begging for more beatings.
    • Not to mention, Word of God says that Langstrom had an odd attraction to Schtein. It's later all but outright declared in the comic that their rivalry started when Schtein had a bad reaction to Langstrom coming on to him. Though it was more Schtein's overall problems with people getting in the way, the presence of some homophobia in that reaction cannot be entirely discounted.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Schtein, by all means, is the definition of a Jerk Ass. However, an excellent character design, the fact that he spends the start of Act I and most of Act II pretty beaten up and ill, and background information such as this, this, and this make it impossible to not want to just give him a hug.
    • There's also Elizabeth Langstrom, Professor Langstrom's sister. Despite being a jerk, you can't really blame her - she's justifiably angry over the pointless death of her brother.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Tear Jerker: Schtein's daughter hanging up on him when he tries to call her and her mother from prison to ask for help. Actually, if the author's hints and the provided backstory are anything to go by, Schtein's relationship with Alice is just one huge Tear Jerker. One of the many things that puts Schtein firmly in Jerkass Woobie territory.
    • The shower scene. Even though Schtein manages to avoid getting raped by agreeing to help Mac Manus, it's probably the most terrifyingly vulnerable we've seen him so far.
  • The Woobie: Schtein, so very much.
    • Alice definitely qualifies. Her parents separated and divorced before she was born and she's apparently never seen or spoken to her father. The first time her father did call her, she hung up; later she found out that he had supposedly been killed over whatever trouble he had been in when they spoke. The second time she's seen in the comic, she's in tears due to (unnecessary) guilt. Poor kid.